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Olivia Rodrigo says Biden gave her a shoehorn and some M&Ms when she visited the White House

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What do you gift one of the biggest teen pop stars in the world? If you're President Joe Biden, the answer is easy: a shoehorn. Olivia Rodrigo, the singer behind the hits "Driver's License" y "bien 4 tu," was invit...

Some House depositions of people who helped plan rallies preceding Capitol attack are postponed

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Washington The House select committee investigating January 6 has granted short postponements of the scheduled depositions of individuals who helped plan the rallies and events leading up to the attack on the Capitol...

There won’t be a White House Halloween celebration this year

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The White House said Wednesday it would not be hosting a traditional Halloween celebration this year due to President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden's overseas travel. Michael La Rosa, the first lady's press se...

Tucker Carlson: Is there a public health reason Joe Biden often leaves the White House?

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Before you reach the obvious conclusion – he prefers the pudding at Camp David., they have tapioca there – consider another explanation. It's possible there is a legitimate public health justification for keeping Joe...

Former top DHS officials Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli are asked to speak with House committee investigating January 6

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The House select committee investigating January 6 has reached out to Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, two top officials from the Trump-era Department of Homeland Security, asking that they voluntarily speak with the p...

House votes to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to 13 US service members killed in Kabul airport bombing

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Washington The House of Representatives on Monday unanimously passed a bill that would posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to the 13 US service members killed in the August terrorist attack outside Kabul'...

White House details Biden’s schedule for second major foreign trip

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The White House on Tuesday detailed President Joe Biden's schedule for his second major foreign trip, in which he will attend a series of key meetings and summits with world leaders in Europe. The President departs...

At least five former Trump White House staffers are talking to the House January 6 committee

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At least five former Trump administration staffers have voluntarily spoken with the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, CNN has learned. Those discussions come as lawyers working f...

House Oversight report shows inadequate discipline for border agents connected to offensive Facebook groups

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US Customs and Border Protection determined that 60 CBP agents "engaged in misconduct and were subject to discipline" in a review of controversial Facebook posts, a new congressional report says, but many only recei...

Sudan Prime Minister’s house surrounded by military and top government officials reportedly arrested

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Khartoum, Sudan The Khartoum home of Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok appears to be surrounded by the military, according to images from the scene. It is unclear if the military is there to protect Hamdok, or if...

White House takes unprecedented steps to allow private citizens to sponsor Afghan refugees

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The Biden administration is taking an unprecedented step to resettle the 55,600 Afghan evacuees from the US military bases where they've been living for weeks and into permanent homes, an official leading the effort...

‘Nightmare on Elm Streethouse is listed for $3.25M

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The 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home at 1428 N Genesee Ave. in Los Angeles went up for sale on Wednesday for $ 3.25 millón. The listing describes the house as a "beautiful Dutch Colonial with a modern twist." También ...

Biden escapa de la jaula dorada de la Casa Blanca’ a un ritmo más rápido que Trump

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El presidente Joe Biden se trasladó a Wilmington el viernes, escapar de la Casa Blanca, lo comparan con un "jaula dorada" por un fin de semana en su casa de Delaware. Es otro fin de semana más lejos de Washington, ya que el presidente ha s ...

White House further postpones disclosure of JFK assassination documents, citing Covid

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The White House announced late Friday that it would further postpone the release of more documents related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, pointing to the "significant impact" of the Covid-19...

Biden construye una cerca financiada por los contribuyentes alrededor de la casa en la playa de Delaware, Mata proyecto fronterizo: Hannity

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Hannity continuó criticando al presidente por lo que resultó ser una línea de aplausos durante su ayuntamiento de Baltimore el jueves., donde él "burlarse de[ed] La obsesión de los estadounidenses por la libertad" invocando la Primera Enmienda..

House investigators target the money trail behind January 6 reunión

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The House select committee is setting its sights on the financing behind events and people associated with January 6, CNN has learned, including money that funded pro-Trump "Detener el robo" rallies that preceded the...

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