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Thailand to giveaway one million free cannabis plants to households, predikant sê

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The Thai government will distribute one million free cannabis plants to households across the nation in June to mark a new rule allowing people to grow cannabis at home, its health minister has said. Health Minister...

Biden to announce partnership with internet providers to lower costs for low-income households

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Washington President Joe Biden on Monday will announce that 20 of the nation's internet providers have committed to lowering costs for low-income households, a step the administration says will increase access to hig...

Harvard’s endowment swells by $11.3 billion as 20% of US households lose all savings during pandemic

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Harvard’s endowment, driven by a nearly 34% return on its investment, ballooned to more than $ 53 miljard, the university’s annual financial report published Thursday showed. Intussen, nearly one-third of household...