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Houston deputy’s wife and stepchild shot by gunman inside their apartment, sê die polisie

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An off-duty deputy's wife and his 4-year-old stepdaughter were shot early Sunday morning when a gunman forced entry into their Houston, Texas, home and opened fire, according to Police Chief Troy Finner. At about 2...

Employees protest against Houston hospital’s policy that all staff must be vaccinated against Covid-19

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A group of Houston Methodist Hospital workers protested on Monday the health care system's requirement that staffers be vaccinated against Covid-19, according to CNN affiliate KTRK. Employees had to get the Covid-...

Pérez’s strong start helps Boston over Houston 5-1

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Christian Arroyo’s first home run of the season, a three-run drive in the first inning, helped the Red Sox avoid a four-game sweep. His homer gave the Red Sox more runs than they’d managed in the previous two games c...

Houston mattress store that housed hundreds in severe winter weather debuts highwater rescue truck

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"Ons is hier om die gemeenskap te bevoordeel. Dit is wat ons nog altyd gedoen het, en ons is verantwoordelik vir die welstand van die gemeenskap, we’re trying to live up to that," Jim "Mack" McIngvale told "jakkals & Vriende" in ...

Pasgebore Texas is dood in porta-potjie in Houston gevind

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Werkers het die grusame ontdekking rondom gevra 11:30 am. op die 18000 blok van Riversidestraat in die ooste van Harris County, at a recreational swimming area along the San Jacinto River and near Highway 90, owerhede sa ...

Texas police rescue 10 people from suspected human smuggling operation in Houston home; 2 suspects in custody

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Die 10 victims were discovered at a home in the 9000 block of McAvoy Drive in southwest Houston, Houston police said. BORDER PATROL AGENTS IN TEXAS FIND MORE THAN 150 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN TWO HUMAN SMUGGLING ATTEMPT...

Houston Methodist Hospital sued by nurses over vaccine mandate for employment

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Jennifer Bridges, one of the HMH nurses included in the suit, vertel "Fox News Primetime" on Wednesday that she and the others are fighting for basic rights of workers, who her attorney Jared Woodfill V said would othe...

UFC star Derrick Lewis apprehends would-be car thief in Houston

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Lewis posted a video and a picture to his Instagram account on Tuesday showing police officers apprehending a man he said tried to break into his SUV. Lewis showed scratches on his driver-side door. CLICK HERE FOR MO...

Sam Houston State wins FCS title with game-winning TD pass with 16 seconds left

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Schmid’s touchdown pass to Adeyi came after two fourth-down conversions on the final drive. Sam Houston State would upset South Dakota State for its first Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) national title. CLICK...

Die tier van Houston het veilig teruggekeer — met hulp van tussenganger, verslag sê

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Die polisie in Houston kon die 9 maande oue Bengaalse tier manlik opspoor ná 'n soektog wat geëindig het met hulp van Linda McIngvale, 'n sakevrou van Houston en vrou van Jim McIngvale, 'n meubelhandelaar bekend as ...

Die polisie in Houston weet nog steeds nie waar 'n vermiste tier is nie. Hier is wat ons wel weet

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Dit is 'n wilde verhaal oor 'n wilde dier, maar u sal hierdie tierverhaal nie op Netflix vind nie. 'N Bengaalse tier wat Sondag laas in 'n Wes-Houston-omgewing gesien is, word steeds vermis, volgens die polisie. Ondersoekers het fout..

Ongewone Mei FCS-titelwedstryd: South Dakota St vs Sam Houston

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Die top-gekeurde Suid-Dakota-staat neem die nr. 2 Sam Houston op Sondag, waarborg dat een van die reguliere uitspeelwedstryde in die sokkerkampioenskap 'n eerste keer kampioen sal word. Dit is die 43ste titelwedstryd ...

Carole Baskin blames Texas Sens. Cruz, Cornyn for escaped Houston tiger

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"I really hope that Senators Cruz and Cornyn will sign onto the Big Cat Public Safety Act, because if they had last year when the House passed this bill – the Senate didn’t bring it up for a vote – this wouldn’t have...

Die tier van Houston bly nie in ag nie, aangesien nuwe besonderhede na vore kom

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'N Tier wat verfilm is in die strate van 'n Houston-woonbuurt in Texas, word blykbaar steeds nie verklaar nie. Meer inligting het oor die dier gekom en sommige mense beweer die situasie is mo ...

Tiger let loose in Houston neighborhood remains at large: verslae

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Authorities are still trying to locate a tiger that was purportedly being kept as a pet and got loose in a Houston neighborhood on Sunday night. His alleged caretaker, who claims he is not its owner, was taken in to ...

Houston police are searching for a murder suspect out on bond who ran away with a tiger

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A man has been charged with felony evading arrest after he escaped from police while housing a Bengal tiger in his yard. Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, was out on bond for a murder charge in Fort Bend County, when neighbor...

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