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Wounded Marine rips Blinken, Gen. McKenzie on Taliban praise: ‘How dare you do that

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Jones told "Horario estelar de Fox News" he was incensed by Blinken's comments where he espoused a message of future trust in the Taliban-controlled Afghan government, as well as McKenzie praising the cooperation between the ...

Fauci on gun violence: ‘How can you say that’s not a public health issue?’

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser, acknowledged Sunday that gun violence in the US is a public health emergency. "Myself, as public health person, I think you can't run away from that. W ...

"Cómo criar niños que no son idiotas’ - o tal vez incluso amable

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El deseo de criar buenas personas es bastante universal entre los adultos con niños en sus vidas.. La mayoría de nosotros queremos que nuestros hijos crezcan y se conviertan en adultos amables y compasivos.. Lo decimos en serio, realmente lo hacemos, pero nuestros hijos a menudo escuchan ...

Tyrus: No one has a best-selling book called ‘How I Made it to the Top with my Government Checks’

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"Free money is never good," said Fox Nation host Tyrus. "I don’t care how you look at it…any time you give somebody free money over long periods of time, it stops them from growing, it stops them from working hard, I...

Jesse Watters’ ‘How I Saved the Worldhits retailer to the delight of his most liberal fan: ‘My mother cried’

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"My mother cried," Watters dijo. "My mother is from a very academic background, she has her doctorate, she has been in education her whole life … she's very proud that I was able to write a book without any grammatic...

‘How I Met Your Fathertrailer has dropped

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El primer tráiler de "How I Met Your Father" is here. los "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff series for Hulu tells the story of how Sophie, played by Kim Cattrall, meets her son's father. Cattrall appears in the trail...

NBC’s Maria Shriver sparks outrage after asking ‘how it’s possibleRittenhouse walked out of court a free man

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Rittenhouse, quien es ahora 18, was charged with first-degree reckless homicide, two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment after shooting and killing two men and...

US intel chief says spy agencies still do not know ‘where, cuando, or howCOVID-19 was initially transmitted

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Washington US intelligence agencies still do not know "exactly where, cuando, or how Covid-19 virus was transmitted initially" in China but remain focused on two primary theories, que "it emerged naturally from human ...

‘How I Met Your Fatherdelivers stale gender flip on the ‘Motherformat

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"How I Met Your Father" is billed as a sequel, not a reboot, since it incorporates a few elements of the original CBS series that ended in 2014, as opposed to just flipping the gender on it. Whatever one chooses to ...

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