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Jesse Watters: ‘How I Save the Worldis a chance to respond to my mom’s texts without being challenged

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When I joined "El cinco", we were moved to 9 pm. This meant that my liberal mother had already had her vodka when the show aired. After a drink, she can become quite passionate about politics. During the show, my i...

Knicks bench Elfrid Payton, leaving mom unhappy: ‘How that worked out for you!’

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Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau started Derrick Rose in place of Payton in the 105-94 pérdida. Payton did not see any floor time at all during the game. Payton started 63 games for the Knicks during the regular season and st...

Tyrus: No one has a best-selling book called ‘How I Made it to the Top with my Government Checks’

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"Free money is never good," said Fox Nation host Tyrus. "I don’t care how you look at it…any time you give somebody free money over long periods of time, it stops them from growing, it stops them from working hard, I...

Josh Radnor talks shedding ‘How I Met Your Mother’ personaje, creating new music

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The 46-year-old actor is writing and recording new music. He dropped his debut solo EP "One More Then I'll Let You Go" in April and is ready for fans to see him in a new light. "Some stories you want to tell for 90 metro...

Hilary Duff lands ‘How I Met Your Father’ series sequel role for Hulu

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The former teen idol and "Younger" star has gotten the unlikely role in a gender-swapped sequel to "How I Met Your Mother" en Hulu. Called "How I Met Your Father," the show will follow Sophie (Duff, 33) reminiscing t...

Fauci on gun violence: ‘How can you say that’s not a public health issue?’

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser, acknowledged Sunday that gun violence in the US is a public health emergency. "Myself, as public health person, I think you can't run away from that. W ...

US intel chief says spy agencies still do not know ‘where, cuando, or howCOVID-19 was initially transmitted

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Washington US intelligence agencies still do not know "exactly where, cuando, or how Covid-19 virus was transmitted initially" in China but remain focused on two primary theories, que "it emerged naturally from human ...

El pastor Artur Pawlowski comparte su historia de la confrontación de Pascua con la policía: 'Cómo se atreven’

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PAWLOWSKI: Crecí bajo una dictadura comunista detrás del Telón de Acero, bajo la bota de los soviéticos, y te digo que eso no es divertido en absoluto. Fue un desastre. Los agentes de policía podrían irrumpir en su casa cinco i ...

‘How about we call you Fred?": Microaggressions against my Asian name

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Kuan-lin F. Liu is a third-culture Taiwanese writer, who focuses on issues of race and gender. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son suyas. Ver más opinión en CNN. For many o...

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