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Broadcast networks crush Biden administration over Afghanistan: ‘Humbling day for the United States’

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NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel said the U.S. left Afghanistan "in defeat." "This was a humbling day for the United States, a day of humility for a world superpower," Engel said. "The United States...

$10,000 Utah hidden treasure found: ‘Overwhelming and humbling’

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Verlede maand, John Maxim and David Cline launched the second-annual Utah Treasure Hunt and just 17 dae later, the treasure was found. Andy Swanger, 33, from Draper, Utah, tells Fox News that he found the buried chest ...

Robert Saleh sê om die eerste Moslem-hoofafrigter in die NFL te wees, is 'n nederige ervaring

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Robert Saleh, the new head coach for the New York Jets, is making history as the first Muslim American to lead a team in the National Football League. Saleh is also the third Arab American NFL head coach -- joining ...

John Legend pays tribute to ‘humblingChrissy Teigen following baby loss

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John Legend has spoken of his love and admiration for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, following the loss of their baby earlier this month after pregnancy complications. The singer posted a video of himself on Instagram o...