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A rare hurricane force wind warning was just issued for Alaska

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The National Weather Service office in Anchorage issued a rare Hurricane Force Wind Warning for the Northern Gulf of Alaska on Saturday. Parts of the Gulf could experience hurricane force winds and waves as high as...

Hurricane Ida death toll rises to at least 66 nationwide as recovery efforts continue

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Gobernador de Nueva Jersey. Phil Murphy announced two more deaths on Saturday, bringing the total there to 27. Four people are still missing in the state. The Louisiana Department of Health reported the deaths of two more nursi...

Sobre 100 birds have been found covered in oil as a result of spills caused by Hurricane Ida

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Dozens of birds have been submerged in oil from spills in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Ida, and wildlife officials expect more will be found. El Departamento de Vida Silvestre y Pesca de Luisiana (LDWF) said in a new...

These monkeys formed an unlikely friendship after Hurricane Maria wrecked their home

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In the face of a natural disaster, one group of furry creatures used the opportunity to form new friendships. After Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico in 2017 and caused immense damage, researchers found rhe...

El huracán Larry producirá categoría 1 vientos y… pies de nieve

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El viernes es el pico estadístico de la temporada de huracanes, Sin embargo, se pronostica que un monstruo llamado Larry se transformará en una tormenta de invierno que traerá pies de nieve en Groenlandia.. sí, lo leíste correctamente. Un huracán produ ...

Tropical Storm Sally takes aim at Louisiana, still recovering weeks after Hurricane Laura

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Tropical Storm Sally is expected to hit the southeast coast of Louisiana as a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday morning, less than three weeks after Hurricane Laura caused widespread damage. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwar...

Louisiana revoca licencias de 7 hogares de ancianos que evacuaron a los pacientes a un almacén antes del huracán Ida

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El departamento de salud de Luisiana revocó el martes las licencias de siete hogares de ancianos que enviaron a los residentes a un almacén para refugiarse durante el huracán Ida. -- una situación que el departamento dijo que involucraba inseguridad e inseguridad..

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Hurricane season expected to have above-average activity

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The storm took shape hundreds of miles west of Mexico and is weakening as it heads further west out to sea. The National Hurricane Center is predicting an active above-average hurricane season this year in the Pacifi...

Las enfermeras detallan las horribles condiciones en el almacén donde los pacientes fueron evacuados antes del huracán Ida

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Dos enfermeras que ayudaron a evacuar a los residentes de siete hogares de ancianos a un almacén de Louisiana le dijeron a CNN el martes que algunos trabajadores de la salud pasaron días tratando de mantener con vida a los pacientes mientras soportaban la escasez de suministros., ...

Residents of this small Louisiana town describe ‘hours of agonyas Hurricane Ida slammed the Gulf Coast

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LaPlace, Louisiana Residents of LaPlace endured hours of harsh winds and rising water as Hurricane Ida's fierce winds blew through the Louisiana town. Ida slammed the Gulf Coast on Sunday, leaving at least one perso...

The historic hurricane season isn’t over yet: The 24th named storm is likely in the next few days

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The Atlantic hurricane season has exhausted the English alphabet and now is working on the Greek alphabet. A system moving north toward the Yucatán Peninsula and west of Cuba is likely to become the 24th named storm...

New York flooding: Before-and-after satellite images show Hurricane Ida aftermath in NY, Nueva Jersey

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The superstorm left at least 46 people dead across five states, incluso 25 in the Garden State and at least 13 in the Big Apple The record-breaking rainfall caused widespread flooding and damage in multiple communi...

Bonnaroo 2021 canceled due to heavy rain from Hurricane Ida

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The festival, which takes place in Tennessee, announced the news on social media, citing the "waterlogged" festival grounds "We are absolutely heartbroken to announce that we must cancel Bonnaroo. While this weeken...

Western farmers fight for fairness, businesses amid drought ‘like Hurricane Katrina

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Ron Gibson manages 1,500 head of cattle in Northern Utah but may soon lack the resources to sustain his herd. Scorching temperatures and the absence of rain have created a depletion in feed supply for cattle farmers ...

Tropical Storm Henri expected to become hurricane: Here’s where it’s heading

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The storm will move north just offshore along the east coast before approaching the Northeast on Sunday afternoon. The cone of uncertainty brings possible storm tracks from eastern Long Island across coastal Connec...

El huracán Sam continúa intensificándose sobre el Atlántico

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Antes una tormenta tropical, Sam se ha convertido en un huracán y se espera que continúe intensificándose, el Centro Nacional de Huracanes dijo el viernes. La tormenta es el séptimo huracán del 2021 Temporada atlántica, Wisconsin...

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