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Hurricane Eta nears Category 5 fuerza, expected to bring catastrophic damage to Nicaragua

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It took only 24 hours for Eta to go from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane, and it is likely to only get stronger as it approaches Nicaragua. Desde 7 pm. Sunday to 7 pm. lunes, Eta's wind speed more than ...

2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

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Here is a look at the 2020 Temporada de huracanes en el Atlántico. Facts The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The areas covered include the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Los...

A section of Pensacola’s Three Mile Bridge is missing as Hurricane Sally lashes Gulf Coast

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A section of the newly built Pensacola Bay Bridge, known to locals as the Three Mile Bridge, is missing as Hurricane Sally pummeled the Florida Panhandle, las autoridades dijeron. Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said ...

El huracán Ida destruyó un edificio histórico que fue el segundo hogar del gran jazzista Louis Armstrong

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Un pedazo de la historia del jazz de Nueva Orleans es ahora un montón de escombros. Cuando el huracán Ida azotó la ciudad el domingo, la tormenta cortó el poder, casas arrasadas y calles convertidas en ríos. También destruyó una vieja construcción de ladrillos..

Hurricane Sally lands on the same spot as Alabama’s last hurricane 16 hace años que

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Hurricane Sally made landfall Wednesday morning, exactamente 16 years to the day and almost to the hour when Hurricane Ivan made landfall in 2004. More interestingly, they not only share a landfall date, but also the e...

CSX train derails in Georgia after heavy rains from remnants of Hurricane Delta

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A CSX train derailed in Lilburn, Georgia, early Sunday morning following heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Delta, according to Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services. Firefighters responded to the trai...

There is only one name left on the 2020 Atlantic hurricane list. So what’s next?

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With the naming of Tropical Storm Vicky on Monday morning, this leaves only one name on the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season list -- Wilfred. So what will the next storm be named, after Wilfred? For what is likely to ...

A rare hurricane force wind warning was just issued for Alaska

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The National Weather Service office in Anchorage issued a rare Hurricane Force Wind Warning for the Northern Gulf of Alaska on Saturday. Parts of the Gulf could experience hurricane force winds and waves as high as...

Mark Meadows blasts Biden’s promise to Hurricane Ida survivors after Afghanistan withdrawal

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"Joe Biden just told hurricane survivors they ‘won’t be left behind,’ which would be comforting words had he not just said the exact same thing last week, and then turned his back—leaving hundreds of Americans behind...

Esta implacable temporada de huracanes en el Atlántico ha puesto en alerta a casi cada milla de la costa desde Texas hasta Maine.

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Las personas a lo largo de casi cada milla de la costa desde Texas hasta Maine han estado en alerta en esta temporada de huracanes en el Atlántico., como 12 de 29 Las tormentas tocaron tierra en los Estados Unidos en este año récord. "Cada milla de ...

Hispanic families in Louisiana flee Hurricane Delta

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Lake Charles, Louisiana As Hurricane Delta approaches, residents of a precarious mobile home neighborhood in southwest Lake Charles, Luisiana, packed their bags and evacuated the city following a mandatory order. De...

Hurricane watch issued as system brews in Caribbean

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Cuba has issued a hurricane watch as a storm system brews south of Jamaica, with forecasters expecting it to gain strength as it moves northwest towards the Gulf of Mexico. 2020 hurricane season could set record ...

Tropical Storm Sally takes aim at Louisiana, still recovering weeks after Hurricane Laura

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Tropical Storm Sally is expected to hit the southeast coast of Louisiana as a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday morning, less than three weeks after Hurricane Laura caused widespread damage. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwar...

Hurricane Delta slams the Gulf Coast. Here is how you can help

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Hurricane Delta slammed the US Gulf Coast in the same southwestern part of Louisiana where Hurricane Laura barreled ashore six weeks earlier. While residents struggle to recover from both storms, non-profit organi...

The historic hurricane season isn’t over yet: The 24th named storm is likely in the next few days

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The Atlantic hurricane season has exhausted the English alphabet and now is working on the Greek alphabet. A system moving north toward the Yucatán Peninsula and west of Cuba is likely to become the 24th named storm...

Help Central America hurricane victims

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Hurricane Iota on Tuesday slammed into an already storm-ravaged Nicaragua as a Category 4 tormenta. It is now a tropical storm, but there remains a danger of life-threatening floods, catastrophic winds and mudslides. T ...

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