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Sobre 100 birds have been found covered in oil as a result of spills caused by Hurricane Ida

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Dozens of birds have been submerged in oil from spills in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Ida, and wildlife officials expect more will be found. El Departamento de Vida Silvestre y Pesca de Luisiana (LDWF) said in a new...

El huracán Larry producirá categoría 1 vientos y… pies de nieve

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El viernes es el pico estadístico de la temporada de huracanes, Sin embargo, se pronostica que un monstruo llamado Larry se transformará en una tormenta de invierno que traerá pies de nieve en Groenlandia.. sí, lo leíste correctamente. Un huracán produ ...

Louisiana revoca licencias de 7 hogares de ancianos que evacuaron a los pacientes a un almacén antes del huracán Ida

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El departamento de salud de Luisiana revocó el martes las licencias de siete hogares de ancianos que enviaron a los residentes a un almacén para refugiarse durante el huracán Ida. -- una situación que el departamento dijo que involucraba inseguridad e inseguridad..

Las enfermeras detallan las horribles condiciones en el almacén donde los pacientes fueron evacuados antes del huracán Ida

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Dos enfermeras que ayudaron a evacuar a los residentes de siete hogares de ancianos a un almacén de Louisiana le dijeron a CNN el martes que algunos trabajadores de la salud pasaron días tratando de mantener con vida a los pacientes mientras soportaban la escasez de suministros., ...

El huracán Ida derribó más postes de energía en 2 estados que Katrina, Ike, Delta y Zeta combinados, la compañía de energía dice

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El daño a los postes de energía del huracán Ida en dos estados fue mayor que el causado por Katrina, Ike, Delta y Zeta combinados, según Entergy, que brinda servicio eléctrico a más de 1 millones de clientes ...

Larry to bring dangerous surf to the East Coast and maybe a hurricane to Bermuda and Canada

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Hurricane Larry may be well out in the Atlantic, but the dangerous Category 3 hurricane will have impacts in the US later this week that will be felt up and down much of the Eastern Seaboard. "Larry will remain a f...

Hurricane Ida death toll rises to at least 66 nationwide as recovery efforts continue

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Gobernador de Nueva Jersey. Phil Murphy announced two more deaths on Saturday, bringing the total there to 27. Four people are still missing in the state. The Louisiana Department of Health reported the deaths of two more nursi...

Biden to travel to New Jersey, New York next week to survey Hurricane Ida storm damage

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The president's plan to visit Manville, New Jersey, and Queens, Nueva York, on Tuesday comes after he surveyed damaged neighborhoods in Louisiana Friday to observe the storm's impact there, particularly in suburbs surr...

5La persona transportada al refugio de huracanes de Luisiana muere mientras el estado declara una investigación

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Otro residente de un hogar de ancianos de Louisiana que estaba detenido en un refugio temporal durante el huracán Ida antes de ser trasladado a otro lugar el jueves ha muerto., según un forense, marcando la quinta muerte de residuos..

White House juggling ‘multiple crisesbetween Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida, oficial dice

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Karine Jean-Pierre, White House deputy press secretary, held a press gaggle Friday aboard Air Force One en route to Louisiana, where President Biden is scheduled to meet with local leaders and take an aerial tour to ...

Larry: the next major hurricane in the Atlantic

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As millions pick up the pieces after Hurricane Ida ravaged the eastern United States from the Gulf Coast to the Northeast, meteorologists are keeping an eye on Hurricane Larry in the Atlantic. While Ida was generati...

New York flooding: Before-and-after satellite images show Hurricane Ida aftermath in NY, Nueva Jersey

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The superstorm left at least 46 people dead across five states, incluso 25 in the Garden State and at least 13 in the Big Apple The record-breaking rainfall caused widespread flooding and damage in multiple communi...

Mark Meadows blasts Biden’s promise to Hurricane Ida survivors after Afghanistan withdrawal

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"Joe Biden just told hurricane survivors they ‘won’t be left behind,’ which would be comforting words had he not just said the exact same thing last week, and then turned his back—leaving hundreds of Americans behind...

Lafourche Parish reeling from Hurricane Ida but resilient: ‘It’s been a struggle but we’re doing OK

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Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson said that despite the destruction, the community on the coast of Louisiana about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans has come together after the storm. "We are far ahead of w...

Remnants of Hurricane Ida bring flooding and tornados to the northeast

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At 5pm ET, the post-tropical cyclone was about 30 miles south of Harrisburg, Pensilvania, which had one of the wettest days on record Wednesday with 5.6 inches of rain. A similar scene played out in western Maryla...

Hurricane Ida power outages and food safety: How many hours until refrigerated food is unsafe

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The USDA, FDA and CDC all agree that certain items need to be discarded after a few hours. All three of these government agencies partnered with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to come up with a po...