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Davis hurt, Geen. 10 Wisconsin misses B10 clinch, Huskers win

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Alonzo Verge Jr. scored Nebraska's last nine points, part of a 12-0 rally in the final minutes. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Wisconsin (24-6, 15-5) could still finish alone atop the Big Ten if second-pl...

Geen. 17 Iowa’s rally deals Huskers another heartbreaking loss

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Iowa won the border battle for the seventh straight year, along with the Heroes Trophy, but not before Jermari Harris intercepted Logan Smothers' pass at the Iowa 2 met 43 seconds to play. "It’s a great feeling comi...

Martinez leads Huskers past Fordham in 52-7 bounce-back win

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Adrian Martinez ran for two touchdowns and passed for another, and the Huskers broke away in the second quarter and went on to a 52-7 victory Saturday. "We have confidence in who we are as a team and what we’re capab...

8 advance in NCAA baseball; Geen. 1 Hogs to face Huskers again

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But No. 1 national seed Arkansas, trying for a third straight appearance in super regionals, was forced into a winner-take-all game Monday night against Nebraska after losing 5-3 to the Cornhuskers. KLIK HIER VIR MO ...