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Air Force makes history with successful launch of new hypersonic weapon: ‘Game-changing

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"Our highly-skilled team made history on this first air-launched hypersonic weapon," said Lt. Columna. Michael Jungquist, the director of the 419th Flight Test Squadron and the Global Power Bomber Combined Test Force, wh ...

US Air Force tests troubled hypersonic missile

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Washington The US Air Force carried out a successful test of its troubled hypersonic missile over the weekend, one month after announcing the program had suffered delays because of "recent flight test anomalies." Th ...

'Tu mundo’ on claims Russia has hypersonic weapons

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANCLA DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Está bien, you have been listening to John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, updating us on what seems to be clearly a targeting of civilians going on to the part of the Russian soldiers th...

Russia claims to hit Ukraine with hypersonic missile, expert warns it is part of Putin’s ‘strategic plan’

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Fox News Digital has been unable to confirm whether Russia actually did for the first time launch a hypersonic missile in a combat setting, but Russia expert Rebekah Koffler said that even the suggestion of launching...

Biden admin hits North Korea officials with sanctions over hypersonic missile test

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North Korea has now held two tests in the past week, both of which it claimed were successful. The tests involved a hypersonic glide vehicle, which was released from a rocket booster and demonstrated "glide jump flig...

porcelana, Rusia, North Korea reportedly have successful hypersonic missile tests on heels of America’s failure

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The Wednesday launch marks the second successful test of a hypersonic missile by North Korea and the second test in two months. The new test proves North Korea has no intention of backing down and disarming and will ...

Putin demands US assurances on security as Russia completes hypersonic weapons test

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During a four-hour marathon news conference Thursday, Putin insisted that Russia wishes to avoid conflict over Ukraine, but he asked for other nations to provide "immediate" assurances. Russian President V...

Demócratas en "hipersónico’ pánico por las elecciones parciales y 2024: Ingraham

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"El antiguo partido de FDR y JFK ahora se parece más al partido de Thelma y Louise," el anfitrión dijo, haciendo referencia al 1991 película de crimen de amigos. Como sus personajes titulares, "los demócratas se dirigen a toda velocidad hacia el cl ...

[object Window]. Austin says US isn’t afraid of Chinese competition even as country advances its hypersonic weapons

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin addressed recent Chinese military advancements Saturday, including the test of a hypersonic weapon system and strengthening of nuclear capabilities, diciendo, "America isn't a coun...

Russia says Zircon hypersonic missile hit target in latest test

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MoscowRussia said on Monday it had carried out another successful test launch of its Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, hailed by President Vladimir Putin as part of a new generation of unrivaled arms systems. The mis...

Lindsey Graham advierte sobre una posible carrera de armamentos nucleares con China si el lanzamiento hipersónico es cierto: reporte

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El New York Post informó que obtuvo una carta de Graham a los líderes del Senado en la que pedía una reunión secreta urgente con el Departamento de Defensa y los funcionarios de inteligencia para determinar la exactitud de estas respuestas..

Mike Pompeo emite una severa advertencia después de que China dispara un misil hipersónico con capacidad nuclear

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MIKE POMPEO: "Lo que hicimos durante cuatro años fue dejar en claro a la gente de Taiwán que estaríamos allí para apoyarlos., para proporcionar lo que necesitaban para poder defenderse. Y le dejamos claro a la Comunidad China..

Chinese nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test surprises US intelligence: Reporte

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The missile launched in August and circled the globe before speeding towards its target, which it missed by about two-dozen miles according to three individuals briefed on the intelligence. Two of those individuals s...

Russia test fires submarine-launched hypersonic Tsirkon missile for first time

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MoscowRussia said on Monday it had successfully test launched a Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile from a submarine for the first time, a weapon President Vladimir Putin has lauded as part of a new generation...

US Air Force test to launch ultra-fast hypersonic missile fails

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The US Air Force's new hypersonic missile program suffered a blow Monday after it failed to launch from a B-52H Stratofortress bomber aircraft flying from Edwards Air Force Base in California. "B-52H Stratofortress...