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Gov. Noem pushes back on narrative GOP is anti-woman, says telemedicine abortions show left is ‘hypocritical

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"This is an issue that those who are pro-choice try to dehumanize – that they try to make an argument that we don't care about women, that we don't care about these babies," Noem said during an online press briefing ...

rappresentante. Kat Cammack rips Pelosi’s ‘hypocriticalHouse mask mandate: ‘It’s just nuts’

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CAPITOL POLICE ORDERED TO ARREST STAFF AND VISITORS NOT WEARING MASKS AFTER NEW HOUSE MANDATE KAT CAMMACK: They are following political science, not actual science because, ancora, ricorda, this mandate is based the ...

Native American business owner rips ‘hypocriticalprotesters for disrupting pipeline work in Minnesota

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Matt Gordon, vice president of his family’s construction company in Mahnomen, Minnesota, and a member of the White Earth Nation tribe, detto "Volpe & Amici" mercoledì, environmental protesters – some claiming to s...

Chicago Democratic alderman rips Lightfoot after ‘completely hypocriticalnew demand for federal crime help

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Raymond Lopez, who has previously sparred with Lightfoot on the topic of surging crime and gun violence in the Windy City, detto "La storia" that while he does not like former President Trump, he views Lightfoot as pl...

Tim Scott sbatte 'zio Tim’ etichettare come fanatismo ipocrita

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Scott, un repubblicano della Carolina del Sud, ha anche conteso un'apparizione su CBS ' "Affronta la nazione" Domenica quella "combattere il fanatismo con il bigottismo è ipocrisia," mentre Biden la scorsa settimana ha invitato il Congresso a approvare un respingimento della polizia..