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Jason Momoa calls out reporter for ‘ickyquestion about ‘Game of Thronesthat left him ‘bummed

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Momoa’s star has been on the rise since his breakout performance as the ruthless Khal Drogo in Season 1 of the hit HBO drama. He’s currently filming the sequel to "Aquaman" and is slated to appear in "Duna," "Sweet G...

Ahora, that’s just icky: Border agents seize boxes of blood-sucking leeches

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Customs and Border Protection officers in Philadelphia recently made a series of slimy discoveries -- algunos 300 leeches sent from Bulgaria and bound for points across the US. The bloodsuckers were busted as they came...

How to avoid toe jam, that icky buildup between your toes

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Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son únicamente las de los escritores.. CNN presenta el trabajo de The Conversation., una colaboración entre periodistas y académicos para proporcionar análisis y comentarios de noticias. La C...