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Genitore della contea di Loudoun durante una riunione del consiglio scolastico esplosiva: "Questa è una guerra ideologica"’

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I genitori della contea di Loudoun Dimis Christophy e Cheryl Onderchain si sono uniti "Volpe & Prima gli amici" mercoledì per discutere l'indignazione dopo una riunione esplosiva del consiglio scolastico martedì sera, e uno sciopero di dozzine di studenti...

Plymouth shooter made misogynist remarks echoing the ‘incel’ ideologia

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London Jake Davison, the 22-year-old man who shot dead five people in the English city of Plymouth on Thursday, made repeated misogynist remarks on social media that echoed the ideology of "incel," a movement of men ...

Dott. Ben Carson: Fighting critical race theory – this is how we stop this blatantly racist ideology

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Recentemente, author and professor Ibram Kendi, creator of so-called antiracist doctrines that lie at the core of CRT, has claimed that CRT is an "imagined monster" concocted by conservatives as a scare tactic to deny ta...

White House calls communism a ‘failed ideologyafter historic Cuba protests

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Amid historic protests in the island country, White House press secretary Jen Psaki affirmed that the Biden administration supports Cuban protesters and their "call for freedom from both the pandemic and from decades...

rappresentante. Mazza: ‘Marxist ideologyshould not be taught in American schools

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PARENTS SAY THEY'RE RUNNING FOR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS TO FIGHT 'POISONOUS' CRITICAL RACE THEORY REP. NANCY MACE: The last time I checked, bullying would be arresting a parent at a school board hearing who was exercisin...

Ned Ryun: Early Colonial days show US was founded in self-governance over any particular ideology

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Ryun, founder of American Majority, told host Tucker Carlson that the early settlers in New England brought ideas that created a new system of self-governance, in contrast to the English system of monarchy. The attri...

Ingraham: I liberali usano i tuoi problemi e gli "oggetti luccicanti"’ per spingere la loro ideologia

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INGRAHAM: Il fatto è, è dolorosamente ovvio che i Democratici e i loro tirapiedi dei media siano totalmente disinteressati a risolvere i problemi che affliggono l'America centrale. Se guidi di meno perché la benzina è troppo alta, bene. Loro odiano...

Hilton slams Jen Psaki for offering ‘wokest ideologyafter Ohio police shooting

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PSAKI CALLS OHIO FATAL POLICE SHOOTING OF TEEN WHO APPEARED TO ATTACK OTHERS 'TRAGIC' STEVE HILTON: Most reasonable people watching that and the more we learn about it would say it's an incredibly tough situation. Th ...