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Dan Ventrelle fired as Las Vegas Raiders president, alleges owner Mark Davis ignored complaints of a hostile work environment

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Las Vegas Raiders team president Dan Ventrelle has been fired, the team's owner Mark Davis said in a statement Friday. Davis didn't provide a reason for the termination in the statement, which was posted on the NFL...

Lawyer representing Oxford parents in $100M lawsuit says school ignored Crumbley’s ‘obviousintent to harm

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Plaintiffs Jeffrey Franz and Brandi Franz are suing the school district on behalf of their daughters Riley and Bella, who are 12th and 9th-grade students at Oxford High School. Riley was shot in the neck. MICHIGAN SC...

The West ‘has ignoredRussia’s key security concerns, says Vladimir Putin

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Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin said his government was studying the responses from the United States and NATO to Russia's security concerns, but said his country's main complaints "had been ignored." For wee...

Lia Thomas ties for fifth in 200 freestyle, is ignored by competitors as she exits pool

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The audience was also noticeably silent when Thomas was announced prior to the race, and when race officials announced the results.Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer, who earlier in the week won the women...

Survivorsstories from Mariupol cannot be ignored, Biden must meet with Zelenskyy face-to-face

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Since the first bombing almost three weeks ago, besieging Russian forces have relentlessly shelled this city of 400,000 mense. It is a barrage of death, indiscriminately raining fire on maternity wards, apartment bu...

Scientists speak out about how they were ignored, even silenced, when they suggested a lab leak in 2020

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"We got our heads shot from every direction, from people who we now know were actually thinking exactly the same thing, but have chosen to say the opposite," Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor of medicine at Flinders Uni...

Republicans see signs of midterm ‘red wavein SF school board recall: ‘They’ve ignored parents

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House Education and Labor Committee ranking member Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., told Fox News Digital Wednesday that there is "a lot of blood in the political waters, and Democrats are no longer running for the hills – the...

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