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NBC, CNN Sunday shows spend just seconds on botched Afghan drone strike after ignoring blunder last week

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Di venerdì, the Pentagon confirmed that the Aug. 28 drone strike was a "tragic mistake" that resulted in ten dead civilians, including seven children, which was meant to be in response to the Aug. 26 terrorist attack ...

Ingraham: Media admits to ignoring facts about COVID during Trump administration

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INGRAHAM: This headline from Vox captured the coverage in March 2020. They called the lab leak theory a "cospirazione" e a "rumor" and claimed evidence "to the contrary." Again – I want you to marinate in this for a...

Hannity rips Biden for ignoring crises in ‘tired, weak and frail’ U.N. General Assembly address

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Hannity noted Biden mentioned nothing about the dire circumstances inside Afghanistan and nothing about the botched pullout that left Americans behind enemy lines. Nor did the president mention the August 29th drone ...

Ethiopia’s Amhara minority accuses Biden of ignoring atrocities

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Eskedar, a 47-year-old, ethnically Amhara priest with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, watched as neighbors fled their homes from Oromo regional forces suddenly intent on removing Amharas from the village. "There was n...

Suo. Johnson: Fauci and ‘COVID godshave been deified despite record, ignoring of non-intravenous treatments

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Su "Tucker Carlson stasera", Johnson commented on the continued reverence given by much of the establishment and the public to Fauci, 80, who is one of President Joe Biden's top COVID-19 advisers and served a similar...

Judge Pirro rips media for ignoring latest Hunter Biden developments: ‘All about pay to play

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WILL CAIN ON HUNTER BIDEN DINNER REPORT: 'SHOCKING ONLY TO THOSE WHO RODE ON THE WAVE OF MANIPULATION' JEANINE PIRRO: It matters because it’s all about pay to play. It’s all about Hunter Biden who’s had a lot of prob...

Tomi lahren: Ignoring border crisis and crime surges will backfire on Democrats

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BIDEN MET WITH CHICAGO MAYOR LIGHTFOOT AT AIRPORT AMID SURGE IN GUN VIOLENCE TOMI LAHREN: This is just like the border. I Democratici, those that are in charge, especially all the way up to the office of the presiden...

Trump supporter ignoring judge’s order to remove anti-Biden signs from yard

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"It’s my First Amendment right, and I’m going to stick with that," Andrea Dick, a New Jersey Trump supporter, told the New York Times on Tuesday. NOEM SAYS SHE’S ‘COUNTING’ ON TRUMP RUNNING AGAIN IN 2024 Cazzo, 54, w ...

I democratici di Los Angeles gridano alla festa, media per aver ignorato in gran parte i crimini raccapriccianti dei principali donatori

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secchio, 66, è stato condannato martedì per due morti per overdose e per aver iniettato a uomini metanfetamina in cambio di sesso, in quello che i pubblici ministeri hanno detto che era uno schema per attirare uomini neri nel suo appartamento come parte di un sess....

Cuba Gooding Jr. could be on the hook for millions of dollars after ignoring rape lawsuit

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NOI. District Judge Paul Crotty issued a default judgment against Gooding on Thursday, saying it appeared the Oscar-winning "Jerry Maguire" star was willfully ignoring the lawsuit and that waiting for him any longer ...

CBS News latest media outlet to tweet about Ma’Khia Bryant shooting while ignoring knife assault

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The Columbus Police Department released bodycam footage late Tuesday showing an officer shooting Bryant, who was attacking another Black teenager with a knife. tuttavia, that key detail was not mentioned in a tweet p...

Gavin Newsom slammed for mask ‘hypocrisyand ‘ignoring scienceby GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder

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"Where do I start about the job this man, Gavin Newsom, has done in the last two years?" Elder told supporters Saturday in the Pacific Palisades. LARRY ELDER BLASTS GOVERNMENT FOR RISING CRIME AND FAILURE TO PROTECT ...

L'editorialista del New York Times Paul Krugman fa eco alla carta ignorando la violenza, lodando i manifestanti

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Krugman ha presentato la richiesta ore dopo che il Times aveva ignorato 18 morti e quasi $ 2 miliardi di danni alla proprietà a livello nazionale in un articolo che criticava le fatture repubblicane progettate per fermare ciò che il giornale liberale considerava di più.

Lara Logan: Why is Biden admin ‘ignoringnational security threat from border crisis?

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SEC. MAYORKAS SAYS BORDER CRISIS 'UNSUSTAINABLE' AND 'WE'RE GOING TO LOSE' IN LEAKED AUDIO LARA LOGAN: L'amministrazione Biden, like the previous one, knows that the Mexican cartels today are the most violent crimi...

Bolsonaro was ‘warnedabout the consequences of ignoring science, inquiry hears

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Per mesi, critics of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have been calling for an investigation into his handling of the country's devastating Covid-19 crisis. Martedì, it finally began. The parliamentary inqu...

"I Cinque" criticano i media per aver ignorato l'attacco "razzista al 100%" a Larry Elder: "Ecco come si trucca un'elezione"

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Geraldo Rivera ha chiamato la donna che lancia le uova "squilibrato" e ha accusato i media di minimizzare la violenza, ma Tyrus si è affrettato a non essere d'accordo. "Non chiamarla squilibrata. Non chiamarla pazza. Sapeva esattamente cosa era ...