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Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul mix it up at PR event, champ shouts ‘I’ll kill you

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Jake Paul got in Mayweather’s face while he was doing an interview, and he decided to rip Mayweather’s hat off his head and then tried to run away. In die video, you could see that punches were thrown, and Jake Paul’...

Alexei Navalny ‘seriously ill’ in prison, moved to sick ward: verslag doen

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The longtime Vladimir Putin critic, who’d already been struggling with his health, said in a Monday note that he was coughing and had a fever of 100.6F, the Guardian reported. Navalny has reportedly been tested for ...

Why I’ll be sweating out seven minutes of the Mars mission

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Don Lincoln is a senior scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He is the author of several science books for general audiences, including the best-selling audio book "The Theory of Everything: The Qu...

Ben Carson says he was ‘desperately illfrom Covid but is now ‘out of the woods

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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Friday he became "desperately ill" van Covid-19, but now believes he is "out of the woods" after receiving an antibody treatment. Carson, 69, was among the la...