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Supreme Court limits review of factual disputes in immigration cases

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Washington The Supreme Court has ruled against a Georgia man who has spent decades in the US and faces deportation after checking the wrong box on a driver's license application. The ruling made it more difficult for...

Immigration hawks, ex-Trump officials urge GOP leaders to unite behind ‘flagship’ bill to end border crisis

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In 'n brief, obtained first by Fox News Digital, 16 groups and a dozen former senior Trump officials urge the leaders to unite behind "flagship introductory legislation" in the upcoming Congress next year when they b...

‘The system is blinking reddue to surge in illegal immigration: GOP lawmaker

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"Let's look back at the 9/11 Kommissie, which in the days preceding 9/11 said that the system was blinking red," he told host Laura Ingraham. "I think I'm here to tell you that we should be aware in this country rig...

Roe leak may impact how Supreme Court decides gun rights, climate and immigration cases this spring

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When Supreme Court justices gather on May 12 for their next closed-door conference to discuss pending petitions and outstanding opinions, everything will have changed. At their conference, secrecy is so guarded that...

Bill Maher: When is Biden going to understand that immigration is a big deal?

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"Joe Biden famously used the phrase ‘big f------ deal.' When is he going to understand this a big f------ ooreenkoms?" Maher wondered during the panel discussion Friday night. BILL MAHER RIPS TWITTER FOR FLAGGING BABYLON ...

‘Dramatic increasesin immigration, fentanyl ‘affecting every state’: Sy. Portman

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SY. PORTMAN: The problem is that although about half the people are being sent back under Title 42, the other half are being let into our country. And that's roughly a million people last year. It looks like this ye...

Supreme Court examines Biden’s power to set US immigration policy in ‘Remain in Mexico’ uitdaging

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The Biden administration will ask the Supreme Court on Tuesday to allow it to terminate a Trump-era border policy known as "Bly in Mexiko," a case that will be a test of the White House's ability to set immigrati...

Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden administration from ending Title 42 immigrasie reël

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A federal judge in Louisiana temporarily blocked the Biden administration from ending a Trump-era pandemic restriction on the US-Mexico border. The Biden administration had been on track to end the public health au...

Warren says all Democrats on board with ‘comprehensiveimmigration reform: ‘We have to work out the details

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During an appearance on CNN's "Staat van die Unie," host Dana Bash asked Warren about Title 42 and her colleagues that have come out against the administration's move to lift it. AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAART 09: E ...

Missouri AG Schmitt says lifting Title 42 will unleash ‘tsunami’ of illegal immigration as states push back

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Missouri, along with Arizona and Louisiana, sued the Biden administration earlier this month over the move to end Title 42, which was implemented by the Trump administration in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 ...

Midterm elections: Immigration, Titel 42 leave Democrats in ‘bad shape,’ campaign experts say

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In interviews with Fox News Digital, pollsters say ending the pandemic-era expulsions along the U.S.-Mexico border is another big problem for Democrats trying to cling onto their narrow majorities in the House and th...

Border Brothers gang member with ‘extensive’ criminal, immigration history arrested in California mountains

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Agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested the individual in the Jacumba Wilderness Region, which is located in southcentral California.

US immigration officials detain more than 5,000 migrants from Ukraine in March

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CBP reported a total of 5,071 Ukrainians detained last month. That represents a significant increase from the 1,146 who were detained in February. CBP detained most of the Ukrainians at the U.S.-Mexico border. Die da ...

The country’s true consensus on Biden’s immigration policies will reverberate ‘loudly’ in the midterms: Gowdy

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TREY GOWDY: The number of unlawful immigrants entering the U.S. is setting records, and those records will only increase in the coming months. It’s estimated there are more than 2.5 million unlawful southern border c...

Demokrate 'praat uit beide kante van hul mond’ oor immigrasie, is 'regtig nie medelydend nie': Jones

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Liberale "praat uit beide kante van hul mond," het hy aan gasheer Sean Hannity gesê. "Hulle is regtig nie deernisvol nie." BIDEN SE TITEL 42 IMMIGRASIEBESLUIT SAL 'N NASIONALE KATASTROFE SKEP Jones het verskeie onderhoude gevoer deur ...

JD Vance hits Biden on immigration in $1 million Ohio ad buy as president set to roll back Title 42

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"Are you a racist? Do you hate Mexicans?" Vance says in a provocative open to the ad. "The media calls us racist for wanting to build Trump's wall. They censor us, but it doesn't change the truth. Joe Biden's open bo...

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