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17,000 earthquakes hit Iceland in the past week. An eruption could be imminent

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Reykjavik Even for a volcanic island accustomed to the occasional tremor, this has been an unusual week for Iceland. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office, in giro 17,000 earthquakes have hit the southweste...

Dominion invia lettere legali a personaggi dei media conservatori avvertendo di "imminente"’ azione

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Gli avvocati che rappresentano Dominion Voting Systems hanno inviato lettere a una vasta gamma di personalità dei media conservatori, così come la Casa Bianca e l'avvocato personale del presidente, avvertendo che il contenzioso relativo a t ...

BBC Russia correspondent calls her imminent expulsion ‘shockingand says she can never go back

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A BBC journalist working in Moscow said Saturday that she felt shocked she was being expelled from Russia and said she had been told she could never return to the country, in what her employer, the UK's public broad...

St. Vincent on red alert for ‘imminentvolcanic eruption

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on Thursday declared a disaster alert prompted by a change in the eruptive activity at the La Soufrière volcano, according to the country's National Emer...

Britney Spears’ former attorney says change in conservatorship case is imminent: ‘We’re going to see lawsuits

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Streisand appeared on "Sala stampa americana" di giovedì, one day after the "Tossico" cantante, 39, scored a win in court when a judge ruled she can choose her own legal representation as she continues to end her 13-year c...