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China implementing phased lockdown of Shanghai over COVID-19 surge

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Maandag, Shanghai's Pudong financial district and all areas east of the Huangpu River will go into lockdown for five days as officials start mass testing residents. Then on Friday, the area west of the Huangpu Riv...

Putin successfully implementing proactive US developed strategy while US lags behind: kenner

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The OODA loop, which stands for observe, orient, besluit, act and was developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd and is defined by Tech-Target as a "four-step approach to decision-making that focuses on filtering a...

Biden implementing border crisis on purpose, ‘they doubled down’: Former senior border official

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"In their view, this is a success," the retired official said. "This is a successful policy decision. I don't think this is by mistake." Visepresident Kamala Harris (AP Foto / Patrick Semansky) "Bef...

Virginia teachers fire back after school district mulls implementing more ‘equitable’ graderingstelsel

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Die voorstel, according to WJLA, would remove late penalties for homework assignments, no longer allow students to earn extra credit, would allow for unlimited redoes of assignments, and would eliminate grading on ho...

A teacher is suing an Arizona school district for implementing a mask mandate despite governor’s ban

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An Arizona judge will hear arguments Wednesday over whether a Phoenix school district can require people to wear masks in defiance of a state law banning mask mandates in schools. Teacher Douglas Hester filed a laws...

Leo Terrell slams Chicago’s Lightfoot for implementing systemic racism: She’s ‘racist regardless of her color’

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LEO TERREL: Lori Lightfoot is a racist, not a covert racist, an overt racist. The reason why she gets away with it is because she is Black and she got that ‘D’ in front of her name. Jy weet -- you want to know what ...