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Tucker: Elke keer as Demokrate 'n nuwe kieser invoer,’ hulle verdun Amerikaners’ politieke mag

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Die Fox News-gasheer, wat onlangs gedebuteer het "Tucker Carlson Vandag" in vennootskap met Fox Nation, verdubbel op vroeëre waarskuwings oor die langtermyn gevolge van onwettige immigrasie in 'n gasverskyning op "Fox News ...

Sy. Tom Cotton calls to ‘ban the import of Russian oil and gas

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SY. TOM KATOEN: The Democrats are blind ideologues when it comes to oil and gas. I'm glad that Nancy Pelosi has finally come around to what I've been saying for weeks, which so many Republicans say, that we should b...

Blinken says ‘no strategic interestin Russia energy sanctions, resists calls for oil import ban

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Amerikaanse. lawmakers have expressed bipartisan support for cutting imports on Russian oil and gas over fears that continued purchases essentially help fund Putin’s war. President Biden has resisted these calls, and White H...

House passes Russian oil import ban amid Ukraine war

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The bill passed 414-17, met slegs 15 Republicans and two Democrats voting against it. versoek Biden om MiG's te stuur: LEEF OPDATE "The House just passed a ban on Russian oil. It’s time to Stick It To Putin At The Pump!" Re ...

Russia’s Putin looks to import Syrian mercenaries to do the ‘dirty tricksagainst Ukraine’s population

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Commentators believe the announcement is in part due to Russia’s poor planning of the war, which has led to many Russian soldiers being killed. Last week a U.S official told CBS News the number of Russian deaths cou...

Portuguese angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them: verslag doen

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In a story titled "Welcome to Portugal, the new expat haven. Californians, please go home", that the number of Americans living in Portugal has risen by 45% in the past year with many of those Americans moving from C...