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‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Mission: Onmoontlik 7’ release dates among several movies postponed by Paramount

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Release dates for 10 Paramount projects have been moved. Three of them star Cruise, and just one movie's release date has been moved forward. "Top Gun: Maverick" was pushed to a Nov. 19 release date from its previous...

Simon Pegg talks past alcohol struggles, says he was ‘a wreckand had been drinking on ‘Mission Impossible 3

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Die "Shaun of the Dead" actor has previously been open about the fact that he struggled with alcoholism in the past. Praat oor die "Headstrong" podcast recently, the 51-year-old star noted that his role as Benji Du...

‘Impossible travel conditionsas spring storm delivers historic snow and severe storms

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Severe weather, historic snowfall and flash flooding are forecast for the next few days in areas of the central United States, from the Rockies to the Mississippi River Valley. This storm system begins with its firs...

How lawmakers made it nearly impossible to legalize abortion in Honduras

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Hierdie week, lawmakers in Honduras changed the country's constitution to make it virtually impossible to legalize abortion in the future -- an extreme election-year move that critics warn will further endanger women's...

Popular culture made it impossible to ignore America’s reckoning with racism in 2020

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Whether you lived in rural America, the bustling streets of a big city or even another country, you couldn't ignore the nation's racial reckoning of 2020 -- and how Black Lives Matter resonated throughout popular cu...

Tom Cruise berispe na berigte 'Missie: Onmoontlik 7’ bemanningslede vir die oortreding van maatskaplike afstandsmaatreëls

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Tom cruise, hoofakteur van die komende film "Missie: Onmoontlik 7," daar is gehoor dat die bemanningslede berispe word omdat hulle glo nie maatskaplike distansiëringsmaatreëls nagekom het nie, het die Britse koerant Sun berig, met verwysing na 'n eksklusiewe ...