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'N Pas ontdekte verkleurmannetjie van minder as 'n sentimeter lank kan die kleinste reptiel ter wêreld wees

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Die kleinste bekende reptiel ter wêreld kan op u vingerpunt pas. Dit staan ​​bekend as Brookesia nana, of "nano-verkleurmannetjie," en dit is 'n vlekagtige bruin akkedis wat gewoonlik nie 'n sentimeter liggaamslengte oorskry nie. Voorheen 2012...

Mariners inch closer in wild-card chase, top D’backs 5-4

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Seattle continued to inch closer in the AL wild-card race, pulling within one game of New York for the second spot in the logjammed standings. "I think the biggest thing we’ve done is mitigate those down stretches re...

Collins-led group of GOPers blasts Biden after president says they ‘didn’t move an inch’ on COVID compromise

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Biden on Wednesday was asked if he will have failed at his promise of bipartisanship if he does not secure any GOP votes for his $ 2 trillion-plus spending package after no Republicans voted for his coronavirus stim...

Riley homers again as Braves win series, inch closer to Mets

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The Braves won three games in the unusual four-day, five game series to move within four games of the Mets. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Riley made it 2-0 in the fourth when he took Taijuan Walker deep ...

Cowboys inch close to playoff berth as defense dominates Giants

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Dak Prescott threw touchdown, Ezekiel Elliott scored on a 13-yard run and the defense forced four turnovers, including Trevon Diggs' NFL-leading 10th interception. The Cowboys (10-4) won their third straight. Greg Zu...

College Football Playoff expansion talks inch forward

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CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock said there remains a strong consensus to expand the four-team field among the management committee, comprised of the 10 major college football conference commissioners and Notre Da...