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New migrant caravan heading to US, increasing concerns about the spread of omicron COVID variant

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The caravan – which includes hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Central America and Venezuela – began making its way toward America on Friday from Tapachula, a city in Mexico near the Guatemalan border, de acuerdo a un ...

Biden’s pick for US ambassador to China backs increasing security assistance to Taiwan

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President Joe Biden's pick to be US Ambassador to China called for a continued commitment to the longstanding "One China" Policy but defended the United States' right to increase security assistance to Taiwan amid B...

Anxiety and depression are increasing as the pandemic goes on. Esto es lo que puede hacer

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If you're feeling anxious and depressed right now, you're not alone. Psychological distress, depression and anxiety were prevalent among both men and women half a year into the Covid-19 pandemic and well beyond the ...

COVID-19 cases increasing among US children, data shows

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"Having children in the classroom is critically important to learning," Dr. Patrice Harris, former president of the American Medical Association and current CEO and co-founder of digital telehealth company, eMed, tol...

Georgia. Teniente. Gobernador. Duncan: How we RE-fund our law enforcement agencies without raising taxes or increasing debt

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These stories have become far too common this summer all across our country and have taken over our political discourse. One year after "Defund the Police" became the default movement of the left, the next mayor of ...

"Gutfeld!’ on politicians increasing their base, difference between online and in-person learning

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(COMENZAR EL VIDEO CLIP)MUJER NO IDENTIFICADA: Dave Koresh, you're not ever thinking, Oh, we should get the Branch Davidians on the committee too. So to get their perspective,(FIN DEL VIDEO CLIP)LAURA INGRAHAM, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: eso...

Increasing your activity level is the first step to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

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It's time to move it, move it. Adding some movement to your day could lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, according to new guidelines from the American Heart Association. The association advised that people w...

Reclutas antidrogas en la frontera México-Estados Unidos: Mayor número de estadounidenses detenidos

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Por mas de un año, El cierre de la frontera sur al tráfico no esencial ha limitado drásticamente el número de ciudadanos extranjeros que ingresan a los EE. UU.. por tierra. Las reglas se han extendido hasta al menos junio 21, pero ...

Biden y el Congreso enfrentan una creciente presión de algunos líderes negros para promulgar una reforma policial

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El presidente Joe Biden y el Congreso controlado por los demócratas enfrentan una presión cada vez mayor esta semana por parte de los líderes negros de derechos civiles que dicen que los legisladores federales han avanzado poco con la reforma policial un año después..

Biden admin faces lack of icebreakers, increasing Russian and Chinese threats in Arctic

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But one of the least talked-about challenges is one that's been brewing for years, long before even the Trump administration: growing challenges to the United States' ability to assert its will in the Arctic. The re...

Anti-Asian hate crime increasing, left’s interest decreasing

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LAURA INGRAHAM, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: I guess the Rangers and the caps didn't get Biden's unity memo at Madison Square Garden. Qué? I thought it was unity was going to be busting out all over, Sean. And they couldn't take ...

Variants fuel increasing hospitalizations and lockdowns in Canada

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Canada continues to see rising new daily cases of Covid-19 and hospitalizations as officials warn the variants are spreading rapidly and are a threat to younger Canadians. "Even if the end of the pandemic is in sigh...

Sea level rise is increasing fastest in populous coastal areas, estudio dice

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Coastal communities are experiencing sea level rise four times worse than global water rise, according to a new study released Monday. Groundwater pumping, extraction of materials from the ground and sediment produc...