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"En casa con Paula Deen": Chef famoso reinventa la hamburguesa para el Día de la Independencia

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Deen compartió la historia de cómo surgió la receta: una celebración conjunta de cumpleaños y el anhelo de una buena hamburguesa llevaron al famoso chef a reconsiderar cómo se podía hacer el alimento básico de la barbacoa. "especial." Deen decidió ....

Biden ‘prematurely declared independence from the virus’: NBC’s Chuck Todd

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Todd, gran cantidad de "Meet the Press," suggested that omicron, from which most cases were discovered in southern Africa, was not just a health problem. It's a political one as well for the current administration, he argued,...

Glenn Loury: July Fourth 2021 – the case for unabashed Black patriotism on this Independence Day weekend

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There is a fashionable standoffishness characteristic of much elite thinking about Blacks’ relationship to America—as exemplified, por ejemplo, by the New York Times’s 1619 Proyecto. Does this posture serve the inter...

New Caledonia rejects independence in final vote amid referendum boycott

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The French territory of New Caledonia voted against independence in a referendum on Sunday, provisional results showed, amid a big drop in turnout due to a boycott of the vote by the independence movement. The indige...

Jason Chaffetz: mes de julio 4, 2021: 5 reasons to be grateful for America this Independence Day

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Instead of focusing on what went wrong over the past year and a half, we should consider what went right. Because no matter how difficult our circumstances, the spirit of America cannot be broken. Though the list of...

Dylan Hopkins, UAB beat No. 12 BYU 31-28 in Independence Bowl

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With UAB (9-4) facing fourth-and-7 with six minutes remaining, coach Bill Clark passed on a field-goal attempt, and Hopkins threw a 14-yard, go-ahead touchdown pass to Trea Shropshire, the only player from Louisiana ...

Declaration of Independence: 5 facts you may not know on this Fourth of July

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mes de julio 4, 1776 is significant because that is the day Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence document. sin embargo, the second Continental Congress actually voted for independence on July 2. In a lette...

Roberts pushes for judiciary’s continued independence in year-end report

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Chief Justice John Roberts stressed the importance of the judiciary's institutional independence Friday in an annual report that comes as the Supreme Court is considering some of the most important issues of the day...

NPR decries Declaration of Independence as document with ‘flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies

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Citing the protests last summer following the death of George Floyd and a "national reckoning on race," the outlet declared that, este año, the words of the historic document "land differently." TAXPAYER-FUNDED NPR ...

El presidente del Tribunal Supremo pide la independencia judicial en medio de crecientes críticas políticas a los tribunales federales

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Como jefe del poder judicial federal, El presidente del Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos resumió un año dramático en su corte y el 107 tribunales de distrito y de apelaciones de todo el país. "La independencia de decisión es esencial para du ...

This Pacific Island province is so frustrated with China’s presence that it’s pushing for independence

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It was pitched as a rare repatriation flight to bring people stranded in China back to their Pacific Island home which has yet to report a single coronavirus case. But of the 104 people on board the chartered Solom...

Ingraham critica a los demócratas por atacar a Estados Unidos, demonizando las celebraciones del día de la independencia

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Ingraham afirmó que aquellos "que celebró que las estatuas fueran derribadas el año pasado y que no serían atrapadas muertas en un desfile del 4 de julio de este año." Con un país plagado de agitación política y división social..

Western Sahara independence leader declares the end of a 29-year-old ceasefire with Morocco

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The leader of the Western Sahara's independence movement has vowed to end a 29-year-old ceasefire with Morocco, citing recent Moroccan border operations as a provocation. Brahim Ghali, leader of the independentist P...

Arkansas AG: nosotros, Germany Nord Stream 2 deal ‘threatens America’s energy independence

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nosotros, GERMANY THREATEN RUSSIA WITH SANCTIONS IF NORD STREAM 2 PIPELINE IS USED AS A 'WEAPON' LESLIE RUTLEDGE: I would much rather of heard President Biden and Jen Psaki say that ‘no we are not going to shut down the Ke...

Hong Kong’s new Chief Justice has vowed to uphold the city’s judicial independence. Can he?

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Hong Kong The ceremonial beginning to Hong Kong's new legal year took place, as everything does these days, over video. Sat in the city's Court of Final Appeal, wearing a black robe, ruffed white collar and white fa...

Taliban fire at Afghans celebrating Independence Day, videos show

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In one of the demonstrations in the eastern city of Asadabad, several people were killed, los informes dicen. A witness told Reuters that "hundreds of people" came out onto the streets but then several died after the Talib...

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