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Australia to join India, VSA, Japan in large naval exercises

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Hong Kong Australia will join India, the United States and Japan in next month's Malabar naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, in a move that is expected to strengthen the military relationship between the four democr...

’n Snel ontwikkelende tropiese sikloon hou ’n beduidende bedreiging vir Noordwes-Indië en Pakistan in

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'n Ontwikkelende tropiese sikloon oor die Arabiese See sal na verwagting oor die naweek aansienlik versterk word tot die genoemde sikloon Tauktae en 'n potensieel katastrofiese bedreiging vir dele van Indië en Pakistan langs mekaar inhou..

Myanmar town near India border sees exodus as thousands flee fighting

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Most of the population of a Myanmar town near the Indian border have fled after buildings were set ablaze by artillery amid fighting between militia forces opposed to military rule and the army, according to resident...

Indië behaal verbluffende toetsoorwinning oor Australië met rekord-hardloop jaagtog

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In 'n rekordbrekende lopiejaagtog by die Gabba het Indië Australië laat omverwerp om 'n onwaarskynlikheid te neem 2-1 reeks oorwinning. Indië nodig 328 Dinsdag te wen -- die laaste dag van die viertoetsreeks -- soos Shubman Gill s'n 91 en 'n ...

Gloria Estefan, Sting and other celebs will support India with star-studded event

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Celebs from the United States and India will some together in July for a star-studded virtual event to buoy the people of India as they battle the Covid-19 crisis. Gloria Estefan, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban...

India hospital fire kills 4 newborn babies

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New DelhiFour of 40 infants in the newborn-care unit of a government hospital died in central India when a fire swept through the unit late on Monday, regeringsamptenare gesê, the latest in a string of hospital fir...

India hits 100 million vaccinations as Covid-19 cases surge to record numbers

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New Delhi India has been gripped by a life or death race against Covid-19, as the country of nearly 1.4 billion people rolls out one of the fastest vaccination drives in the world while recording all-time high tallie...

Neeraj Chopra se spiesoorwinning lewer Indië sy eerste Olimpiese goue medalje in baan en veld

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"Ongelooflik," was hoe Neeraj Chopra Saterdag sy oorwinning in die spies vir mans beskryf het toe hy die eerste Indiese atleet geword het wat 'n Olimpiese goue medalje in baan en veld gewen het. Chopra se gooi van 87,58 m verseker die ....

India to sign defensive agreement with US following Himalayan standoff with China

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Hong Kong The United States and India have reaffirmed their defensive and security relationship, as Washington continues to rally allies in Asia amid concerns over increased Chinese military activity in the region. Ek ...

India sees coronavirus surge slowing but experts warn numbers are misleading

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The 30-year-old ambulance driver in India’s metropolis of Mumbai has been working tirelessly ever since the city became the epicenter of another catastrophic COVID-19 surge slashing through the country. Verlede maand, h ...

Dozens of men arrested in India are accused of gang raping a 15-year-old girl repeatedly

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Police in India arrested 26 men on Thursday in connection with the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl, which occurred repeatedly over a period of almost eight months. The victim was first raped on January 29 de ...

Scores missing and two dead as burst glacier triggers flash floods in India

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Rondom 157 people are missing and at least two confirmed dead after a glacier burst, triggering flash floods in India's northern Uttarakhand state on Sunday. The Rishiganga power project, in the Chamoli district of ...

India Oxenberg says Allison Mack personally apologized for abuse ahead of NXIVM sentencing: It ‘seemed honest

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Die 30-jarige, who is the daughter of actress Catherine Oxenberg, was recruited to NXIVM's master-slave sorority known as DOS by Mack, 38. Shortly after Mack learned her fate on Wednesday – a three-year prison sent...

Toxic foam coats sacred river in India as Hindu devotees bathe in its waters

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A layer of toxic foam coated parts of a sacred river near India's capital on Wednesday as Hindus gathered on its banks to celebrate a religious festival and some devotees bathed in the waters. The white froth, a mix...

India will offer Covid-19 vaccines to everyone 18+ in Mei

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Indian citizens 18 or older will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccines starting May 1, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the Press Information Bureau website. "In a me...

Olympic gold medalist Chopra returns to India as superstar

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In a cricket-mad country, Chopra’s Olympic win was seen as a triumph for the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people, catapulting the 23-year-old to stardom. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Hundreds of people ...

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