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India formally repeals controversial farm laws after year of protests

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New Delhi India has formally repealed three contentious farm laws that sparked more than a year of protests, nearly two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pushed into a rare policy reversal that saw the leg...

Farmers among 6 killed as India protest erupts in violence

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Lucknow, India Six people were killed when violence broke out in India's Uttar Pradesh state on Sunday after a car linked to a federal minister ran over two farmers taking part in a protest against controversial farm...

India delivers 1 billion Covid vaccines, but millions are yet to receive a single dose

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New Delhi India has administered more than 1 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses, a remarkable feat just months after a second wave of infection killed thousands of people across the country. But as India celebrated passi...

Personal ties: VP Harrisfamily in India where COVID rages

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But with the virus ravaging his homeland, Balachandran had to settle for congratulatory phone calls. Including one from his rather famous niece: Visepresident Kamala Harris. The retired academic said he cannot have ...

Father arrested in India for beheading his 17-year-old daughter

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New Delhi Police in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state have arrested a man who confessed to beheading his teenage daughter. Sarvesh Kumar was arrested as he was walking toward a police station in Hardoi district on...

India posts record 20% GDP growth but the second Covid wave still hurt

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Nieu-Delhi (CNN Besigheid)India's economy grew at a record pace in the second quarter, even as the country grappled with a devastating wave of Covid-19. But Asia's third largest economy isn't out of the woods yet and r...

India grapples with ‘black fungusdrug shortage as cases rise among Covid-19 patients

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Several Indian states are facing shortages of a drug used to treat black fungus, a rare and potentially fatal infection that is increasingly being detected in Covid-19 patients, health authorities in the country hav...

Man in Indië in hegtenis geneem oor verkragtingsdreigemente aan die krieketster Virat Kohli se babadogter

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'n 23-jarige man is in Indië gearresteer omdat hy na bewering gedreig het om die babadogter van die land se krieketkaptein te verkrag., Virat Kohli, aangesien spanlede 'n stortvloed van aanlyn misbruik in die gesig staar ná hul verdwyning..

India begins mass bird cull in response to avian flu outbreak

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New Delhi India has begun culling tens of thousands of poultry birds after avian influenza was detected in ducks, crows and wild geese in at least a dozen locations across the country. The country's Ministry of Fis...

Scores missing and two dead as burst glacier triggers flash floods in India

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Rondom 157 people are missing and at least two confirmed dead after a glacier burst, triggering flash floods in India's northern Uttarakhand state on Sunday. The Rishiganga power project, in the Chamoli district of ...

How has the Covid-19 crisis in India affected you? Share you stories

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The coronavirus pandemic is devastating lives and families in India. Hospitals are scrambling for supplies, medical staff are in shortage and health care infrastructure is being pushed beyond its limit. The effect o...

Landslide in India kills 9; falling boulders destroy bridge: verslae

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Three others were injured in the incident, which occurred in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, Reuters berig. Dramatic video of the landslide was posted on Twitter that showed large rocks hurtling down a s...

India reports new record of 103,558 daily Covid cases, as second wave and new lockdowns hit

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A familiar scene is taking place across India. In large cities, hospital beds are filling up with Covid-19 patients. Warehouses, unused trains and large public spaces are being converted into makeshift treatment cen...

Boris Johnson is 'angstig’ soos die Covid-19-variant wat in Indië voorkom, in die Verenigde Koninkryk versprei

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Londense premier Boris Johnson het Donderdag erken dat sy regering dit was "angstig" oor die koronavirus-variant wat die eerste keer in Indië geïdentifiseer is, omdat die aantal gevalle in die Verenigde Koninkryk in 'n week meer as verdubbel het. ...

India is churning out wealthy tech elites. Now they need to start making money

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Nieu-Delhi (CNN Besigheid)This time last year, Indian entrepreneurs were in panic mode. The government had locked down the country's entire population in a dramatic step to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Company foun...

India hits 100 million vaccinations as Covid-19 cases surge to record numbers

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New Delhi India has been gripped by a life or death race against Covid-19, as the country of nearly 1.4 billion people rolls out one of the fastest vaccination drives in the world while recording all-time high tallie...

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