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Indiana man pleads guilty to double homicide of ex coworkers

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Jose Benitez-Tilley pleaded guilty Thursday in Elkhart County to two counts of murder ahead of a jury trial that had been set for Aug. 1, The Elkhart Truth reported. Benitez-Tilley acknowledged under questioning Thur...

2 people are dead and 4 others wounded after a shooting at a nightclub in Gary, Indiana

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Two people are dead and four are injured, with one in critical condition, after a shooting at a nightclub early Sunday morning in Gary, Indiana, volgens die polisie. A 34-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were th...

Indiana woman whose pastor had sex with her at 16 describes years of ‘grooming,’ finally opening up to family

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Donning a t-shirt and ripped pants, the North Manchester resident is the first to admit the attire was not what she would usually consider church appropriate. But she never planned on being there that day in the firs...

Indiana police disclose cause of death of young boy found in a suitcase. They are still trying to identify him

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An unidentified child who was found dead in a suitcase last month in southern Indiana died from electrolyte imbalance, het amptenare Vrydag gesê. The autopsy of the boy, believed to be about 5 jaar oud, shows that the...

Harrison Ford surprises ‘Star Wars’ fans with sneak peek of ‘Indiana Jones 5’

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Harrison Ford made a surprise stop at the Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center to give an update on "Indiana Jones 5." Thursday’s event marked the first in-person convention since 2019 [object Window].

Indiana lawmakers override GOP governor’s veto to enact anti-trans sports ban

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Washington Indiana banned transgender women and girls from competing on public school sports teams consistent with their gender after the state's Republican-led legislature voted Tuesday to override a veto issued ea...

Indiana motel room where Casey White, Vicky White stayed during time on the run has mounting waitlist: Verslag

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Dozens of people have added their names to a waitlist for those who hope to rent the Motel 41 room where the Whites – who were not related, but were allegedly in the throes of a romantic relationship – had stayed for...

Netflix’s ‘Our Father’: Film explores trauma caused by Indiana fertility doctor who impregnated his patients

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Dit was 2014 and the Indiana woman who was donor-conceived was curious if she, an only child, had any half-siblings. Over eight years, the 43-year-old discovered she had at least 94 brothers and sisters. At least sev...

Indiana firefighter fatally shot by stranded motorist he stopped to help, sê die polisie

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Kentucky resident Justin Moore, 31, was traveling in Indiana when he ran out of gas around 9:30 nm. Zachary Holly, a police officer with the Palmyra Police Department, arrived at the scene to offer assistance. Not l...

Casey White escape: US Marshals investigating suspected link to abandoned vehicle in Evansville, Indiana

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A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshal Service confirmed to Fox News Digital on Monday that agents believe they have found a second vehicle used by the pair and then abandoned in the days following their escape from the...

Elise Stefanik endorses Indiana veteran vying to make history in Congress

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Jennifer-Ruth Green, an Air Force veteran, pilot and backer of former President Trump's "Amerika Eerste" beleid, won the GOP primary election Tuesday to represent the state's 1st Congressional District. If successfu...

6 takeaways from Ohio and Indiana primaries

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Ohio's Republican Senate primary was the first major midterm test of former President Donald Trump's enduring influence over the Republican Party -- and Trump's candidate won. J.D. Vance, the venture capitalist and...

How to watch the Ohio and Indiana primary elections

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It's Election Day in Ohio and Indiana, where several high-profile primary races of the 2022 election cycle are taking place. They include the Republican Senate primary in Ohio that could offer early clues about the ...

Here are the key House primaries to watch in Ohio and Indiana

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Washington It's Election Day in Ohio and Indiana, where voters will pick their party nominees in primary races ahead of the 2022 middeltermynverkiesings. While Ohio has made headlines for its Senate and gubernatorial race...

‘Indiana Jones’ star Ke Huy Quan explains why he left acting for 20 jare: ‘It was tough’

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A few years prior, Quan and his family arrived in Los Angeles from their native Vietnam. A casting director had overheard the preteen practicing lines with his sibling and asked if he wanted to try out for the 1984 a ...

2 dood, 4 injured in Indiana block party shooting attended by over 100 mense, sê die polisie

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At least two people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting at a block party early Sunday in Indiana, the Lafayette Police Department said in a press release. Meer as 100 people attended the party at a L...

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