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Women-led race team gearing up to run in Indianapolis 500

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close Video Indy 500 champ Takuma Sato feels 'fortunate' to event get to race this year Takuma Sato this year became the 20th driver to win the Indy 500 twee keer, following his 2017 victory in The Greatest Spectacle...

NCAA announces tentative plan to bring all of March Madness to Indianapolis

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top nuus vir November 16 Fox News Flash se topopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat klik op The NCAA announced a contingency plan for the 2021 Men’s Basketball Cham...

NCAA planning to host the entire men’s March Madness in Indianapolis

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Covid-19 will not take March Madness away from sports fans this time, the NCAA says, and the plan is to play the entire tournament in a single city: Indianapolis. That means 68 men's college basketball teams in the ...

The Indianapolis Colts are reopening the team’s complex after Covid-19 retests come back negative

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The Colts are swinging the barn doors back open after Covid-19 retests have come back negative. Four members of the NFL's Indianapolis franchise initially tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the team to shut ...

Indianapolis 500 Vinnige feite

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Here's a look at the Indianapolis 500, bekend as "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing." Augustus 23, 2020 - Takuma Sato wins the 104th Indianapolis 500. The race takes place with no fans in the stands due to the coronavi...

Indianapolis Colts: Wat om te weet oor die span s'n 2020 seisoen

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close Video Herschel Walker on NFL plans to boost social justice initiatives, political blame game over COVID response The NFL is reportedly planning extensive social justice content for week 1 of the new season;...