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Taiwan criticizes WHO ‘indifferenceafter failing to gain access to annual meeting

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Taiwan has criticized what it called World Health Organization (CHI) "indifference" to the health rights of Taiwan people and for capitulating to China after the island failed to get invited to a meeting of the WHO ...

Gen. Keane on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Biden showing ‘callous indifferenceto those stranded in Afghanistan

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COLORADO FAMILY TRAPPED IN AFGHANISTAN SAFELY ESCAPES COUNTRY JACK KEANE: The president frustrates me here. He seems to have something of a callous indifference to what is taking place, not with the American citizens...

Gen. Keane blasts Biden’s ‘callous indifferencetoward Afghan people

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GEN JACK KEANE: credo, it’s sad to say – I don’t like making this comment, but I do believe there’s a bit of a callous indifference that President Biden has when it comes to the Afghan people and a lack of a moral ...