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Biden calls top donor NEA ‘one of America’s indispensable organizations’

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Biden's campaign raked in just over $ 232,000 from teachers unions during the 2020 ciclo elettorale, according to the Center for Responsive Politics' "Segreti aperti" sito web. The site says the National Education Associ...

Secure border an ‘indispensable prerequisiteto immigration reform: Gowdy

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"There is a broad consensus, and where there is consensus there should be a solution," Gowdy said during his opening monologue Sunday. "E ancora, nothing happens because the will of the people never translates into le...

Jeffrey Epstein estate executors are ‘indispensable captainsof his criminal enterprise, US Virgin Islands AG says

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Jeffrey Epstein's estate coexecutors were "indispensable captains" of his criminal enterprise to traffic girls, according to a complaint from US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. Giorgio. The amended complain...