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Rescuers hunt for survivors after cyclone wreaks havoc in Indonesia

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Rescuers searched for dozens of people missing in remote islands of southeast Indonesia on Tuesday while expecting more casualties in the aftermath of a tropical cyclone that has killed at least 128. Helicopters were...

Floods, grondverskuiwings, kill dozens in Indonesia and East Timor

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Jakarta, Indonesia Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains killed 41 people on the Indonesian island of Flores on Sunday, the disaster management agency BNPB said, and at least three more were reported killed in n...

14 people injured in suspected suicide bombing outside Catholic church in Indonesia

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Jakarta, Indonesia Fourteen people were hospitalized with injuries following a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Makassar City, Indonesië, op Sondag, polisie gesê. The two suspected bombers both died, acc...

Indonesia bus carrying school children plunges into ravine, doodmaak 27

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A bus carrying school children and parents returning from an excursion plunged into a ravine on the Indonesian island of Java on Wednesday night, doodmaak 27 mense, the country's transportation ministry said. The sea...

Indonesia to release suspected Bali bombings mastermind Bashir

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Indonesia will release radical cleric and alleged 2002 Bali bombings mastermind Abu Bakar Bashir from prison later this week, its government said on Monday, upon completion of his jail term. Bashir, 82, who was amon...

‘Jurassic Parkproject poses no threat to Komodo dragons, Indonesia says

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Indonesia's environment ministry on Tuesday sought to calm outrage over construction of an island tourism project being dubbed "Jurassic Park," after an image went viral on social media of a Komodo dragon facing off ...