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Trump to hold first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months

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President Donald Trump is expected to rally thousands of supporters indoors on Sunday for the first time in nearly three months. The campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada -- which will be held inside a facility of Xtr...

How Donald Trump’s indoor campaign rally reveals how little he understands about being president

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President Donald Trump's most basic calculation -- nel, bene, everything he does -- boils down to this: How does this affect me? So when his campaign made the decision to hold a campaign rally indoors in Nevada on Su...

Un tribunale ha ordinato a una chiesa della California del Nord di smettere di tenere grandi servizi al coperto in barba alle restrizioni del Covid-19

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Una chiesa nel nord della California è stata ordinata da un tribunale di smettere di tenere grandi raduni al coperto in violazione degli ordini di salute pubblica creati per fermare la diffusione del Covid-19. Corte superiore della contea di Santa Clara ...

Le persone di colore hanno maggiori probabilità di vivere senza impianti idraulici interni anche nelle città più ricche degli Stati Uniti, dice lo studio

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Anche nelle più ricche città americane, molti vivono ancora senza un'utilità di base -- impianti idraulici interni. Questo secondo un team di ricercatori di geografia del King's College di Londra e dell'Università dell'Arizona, chi pu ...

Porsche sets its fourth Guinness World record with the fastest indoor land speed

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Porsche has the need for indoor speed, as the luxury car company broke the Guinness World Record for indoor land speed in its all-electric Taycan car. Racer Leh Keen was the driver and crushed the previous record b...

US sprinter Grant Holloway breaks the world record for the indoor 60m hurdles in Madrid

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US track and field athlete Grant Holloway just broke the world record for the indoor 60-meter hurdles. Holloway, 23, set the record Wednesday in Madrid during the indoor track and field World Championships by runni...

California lifts coronavirus-era indoor worship limits after Supreme Court struck down ban

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tuttavia, the state Department of Public Health guidelines still said indoor gatherings were "strongly discouraged" and advised limiting the numbers to 25% of a building’s capacity for the two-highest levels of the st...

‘Data is in’: Dott. Makary on Fauci cautioning against indoor dining after being vaccinated

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MARTY MAKARY: You’re hearing a lot of mixed messaging and as a result, a lot of the medical officials are losing credibility and we’re seeing the infection right now in five states among young people and I think that...

A giant, indoor vertical farm aims to bring jobs and fresh produce to Compton

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An innovative agriculture startup plans to open an indoor vertical farm in Compton to help bring more jobs and loads of fresh produce to the California city. Plenty, the company behind the project, said it will con...