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Bernie Madoff, infamous Ponzi schemer, è morto

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New York (CNN Business)Bernard Madoff, whose name became synonymous with financial fraud, died while serving a 150-year sentence in Federal Prison. È stato 82 Anni. His death Wednesday at the Federal Medical Cent...

Courteney Cox recreates Monica’s infamous turkey dance from ‘Friends

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Monica's turkey dance is one of the greatest "Amici" momenti. It's also when Chandler first tells her "I love you." Courteney Cox, who plays Monica in case you've been in quarantine for over 20 anni, took to Inst...

Il famigerato doppio agente britannico-sovietico George Blake muore a Mosca

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L'ex spia britannica e agente segreto sovietico George Blake è morto a Mosca invecchiato 98, secondo l'agenzia di stampa statale russa RIA Novosti. "Sono stati scritti libri su di lui, sono stati realizzati film. In intelligen ...

Infamous tent camp on US-Mexico border drawn down after Biden ends Trump policy

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A tent camp in Matamoros, Messico, where hundreds of migrants stayed in deplorable conditions after being subject to a Trump-era policy requiring they stay in Mexico until their immigration court date in the US, ha ...

Ja Rule selling rights to Fyre Festival tweet of infamous cheese sandwiches as NFT

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A now-viral tweet featuring a photo of two slices of bread and cheese thrown together with a sad side salad in a Styrofoam container given to attendees of the 2017 music festival scam will be sold as an NFT, a digita...