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Ingraham: Liberals use your problems and ‘shiny object’sto push their ideology

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INGRAHAM: Die feit is, its painfully obvious that Democrats and their media flunkies are totally disinterested in solving the problems facing middle America. If you drive less because gas is too high, goed. They hate...

Indiana grandmother, first to be convicted in Capitol riot cases, avows nonviolence in Ingraham interview

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Anna Morgan-Lloyd of Bloomfield was convicted of one count of parading in a federal building, and Reagan-appointed federal Judge Royce Lamberth handed down a sentence of 3 years probation, a $ 500 civil restitution ...

Ingraham: ‘We need a storm of common senseto wash Democrats out of Washington ‘for good

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"It's a bill filled with junk that we don't need and can't afford," Ingraham gesê. "So no fiscal or social conservative should have ever supported this." Ingraham argued that despite Biden and the Democrats' infrastr...

Ingraham: Biden ‘holding America hostageas Democrats ‘remakeUS because they ‘despise us

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"The Democrats have a lot of items on their ‘Remake America’ wish-list: Tax hikes, a huge expansion of government, killing oil & gas, critical race theory – But through it all, they have one overriding priority—h...

Laura Ingraham bevraagteken Demokrate’ gebrek aan selfrefleksie ná Dinsdag se verkiesingsverlies

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"Hulle haat hierdie land, hulle haat die mense van hierdie land, en hulle sal enige geleentheid aangryp om ons te straf," sy het gese. Nadat die Demokrate in die Virginia-verkiesing verloor het, het 'n mens dalk verwag dat hulle sou sukkel - maar t..

Ingraham: Media ignores tragedies that don’t fit their narrative

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INGRAHAM: I’m sure you’ve noticed when media outlets devote hours and hours of nonstop coverage to certain stories, but drop others that are equally, indien nie meer nie, important to the larger public. It happens all the ti...

‘Die Ingraham-hoek’ op COVID, George Floyd’s death one year later,

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NUUSGASheer: I have a funny feeling. It might be a little different than what Peggy Noonan is planning at the Reagan library. Goed so. So those people will all be joining us tomorrow night. Asseblief ...

Laura Ingraham warns of growing military distrust

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"Traditionally and for good reason, our military has been one of the most trusted groups in the United States, but lately that’s been changing. In 2018, 70% of Americans reported having a great deal of confidence in ...

Ingraham lays out six steps for GOP to win back voters

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Ingraham took aim at the Washington establishment saying, "Our elites in politics and the media really want you to know they care deeply about the Afghan people. So much that they want to bring as many as possible h...

Ingraham: Republikeine loop moontlik in 'n strik

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Die spervuur ​​van kritiek kom ná 'n fluitjieblaser en voormalige Facebook -werknemer, Frances Haugen, na vore gekom, beskuldig die tegnologiereus daarvan dat hy wins bo veiligheid stel. "Die keuses wat binne Facebook gemaak word ....

Ingraham: Democrats push dark hateful vision of America

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INGRAHAM: Today’s Democrat party is so left, it’s left America. It tolerates mass illegal immigration, coddles criminals, looters & oproermakers, and seeks to silence any and all opposition from law abiding citizens....

Ingraham: America gets stiffed and our taxpayers pick up the bill

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The press noted that Biden was acting like a "tradisioneel" American president and the world preferred that. Ingraham took issue with the coverage saying, "Of course that’s the way ‘the world’ prefers it. Nations lik...

‘Ingraham Angle’ on US Armed Forces, polisie

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NUUSGASheer: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from a very busy Washington tonight.A California restaurant owner has decided to ignore Gavin Newsom's new edicts throwing open his eat...

Ingraham: College football fans pack stadiums, send message ‘we’re doneto Fauci and Biden

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The opening weekend did not go unnoticed as the largely un-masked crowds were slammed by critics, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who voiced his concern saying, "I don't think it's smart." "It was evident in stadiums ac...

‘Ingraham Angle’ on Biden’s war on energy

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NUUSGASheer: We please hope you'll set your DVR, never miss an episode. Now we're going to go to Laura a little early. Let not your heart be troubled, Laura Ingraham standing by. And she's going to sh...

Laura Ingraham oor CDC-maskerriglyne vir ingeëntde Amerikaners

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Dit is 'n haastige transkripsie van "Die Ingraham-hoek," Mei 13, 2021. Hierdie eksemplaar is moontlik nie in die finale vorm nie en kan opgedateer word: Goed so. Ek is Laura Ingraham. Dit is die "Ingraham Angle" van Washington. Tonig ...

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