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Ingraham: Democrats use kids as props in quest for control

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Ingraham pointed to sexual assaults that occurred in Virginia schools in which "liberal administrators did their best to cover … up." "When a father of one of the victims came to a school board meeting to voice conce...

Ingraham: Portland, Oregon an example of Dems‘rule and ruinas murders spike

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Ingraham noted that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown claimed in August that the true crisis was one of right-wing violence: "The threat and use of violence against people in the instruction of property to further bigoted or po...

Ingraham doesn’t believe the left’s tactics will sway vaccine skeptics

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"A man who’s been collecting a fat, taxpayer-funded salary for almost half a century, shouldn't he be accustomed to getting pressed on important issues?" Ingraham asked. "In plaas daarvan, Fauci came across as rather arrogant...

Laura Ingraham: Biden announces attack on American wealth

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LAURA INGRAHAM: It is insanity to ask hard-working Americans – no matter how much money they make – to give more to a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington. As daar iets is, we should be looking to cut government and give ...

Ingraham: Links soek 'toesluitings met 'n ander naam’ aangesien Amerikaners beskou word as 'weggooibare kommoditeite’

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"Dit was die eerste Republikeinse president, Abraham Lincoln, wat die gevalles uit die Slag van Gettysburg vereer het deur op te let dat die 'regering van die volk', deur die volk en want die volk sal nie vergaan uit hierdie Ea ...

Ingraham: ‘Joe don’t knowbut president’s first foreign trip an ‘unmitigated disaster

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"Even Jill's goofy jacket couldn't save him," the host remarked, pointing out how First Lady Jill Biden wore a "LOVE" jacket similar to the "I DON'T CARE" jacket once worn by former First Lady Melania Trump. "En, Met 'n...

‘Ingraham Angle’: Fraud of critical race theory accidentally exposed in CNN debate

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"Kort-kort, an on-air exchange slips through the cracks on one of the other cable networks that is worth watching. Such was the case this morning on CNN of all places," sê Ingraham. Virginia parent and...

Ingraham: College football fans pack stadiums, send message ‘we’re doneto Fauci and Biden

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The opening weekend did not go unnoticed as the largely un-masked crowds were slammed by critics, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who voiced his concern saying, "I don't think it's smart." "It was evident in stadiums ac...

Laura Ingraham onthul hoe Biden Amerika saboteer

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"Keer op keer, ons sien dat Biden saboteer, eerder as voorskotte, Amerika se belange," sy het gese. "Oor kwessies wat wissel van ons energiebehoeftes tot die China-bedreiging, hy projekteer ook swak swakheid, of hy druk die polisie ...

‘Ingraham Angle’ on Amex’s workplace requirements, coverage on Hunter Biden

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NUUSGASheer: I am Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. We have a lot to get to, including the very real security threat now posed by the president's son. Maar eerste, mede ...

Ingraham: Biden se idees sal 'die lewe moeiliker maak vir die gemiddelde Amerikaner’

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Jaar-tot-jaar prysinflasie in September was die hoogste wat dit sedert Januarie was 1991. Gaspryse het gestyg 42%. Die prys van steak het gestyg 22% en eierpryse het amper met gespring 13%. Gebruikte motorpryse het met 24%. En ...

‘Ingraham Angle’ on border crisis, Biden policy

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NUUSGASheer: It is just a gut feeling I have. I don't want America to look bad on a world stage but I'm not confident. Goed so, but in the meantime, Ongelukkig, that is all the time we have left ...

Laura Ingraham: How the left is using fear to discourage America’s work ethic

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"Working really hard is what successful people do. It's a simple message, and it's getting lost today because Biden and the Democrats too often seek to punish and demonize success" Ingraham gesê. Ingraham argued tha...

Ingraham skeur Fauci se COVID-samespanning en verdediging van China

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Ingraham: U ken die ou gesegde, ‘As jy jouself in 'n gat bevind, jy moet ophou grawe?’Wel, vandag, Dr. Anthony Fauci het geweier om sy graaf neer te sit ... Sy nuutgevonde oortuiging dat ons daarna moet bly soek ...

‘Ingraham Angle’ on vaccine mandates

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NUUSGASheer: Ek is Laura Ingraham. This is a special edition of the "Ingraham Angle". A week in an hour. While Obama's summer soiree and Lollapalooza get a pass, Fauci and friends have taken direct ai...

Ingraham: Die ineenstorting van Afghanistan verteenwoordig nog 'n katastrofale mislukking van ons politieke establishment

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"Die ineenstorting van Afghanistan verteenwoordig nog 'n katastrofale mislukking van ons politieke establishment. Ander voor die hand liggende voorbeelde sluit in die ineenstorting van ons suidelike grens en lank voor die ineenstorting van ons unr..

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