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LeBron James confirma que fue vacunado contra Covid-19 meses después de ser inicialmente escéptico

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La superestrella de la NBA LeBron James confirmó el martes que recibió la vacuna Covid-19, meses después de haber sido inicialmente escéptico al respecto. "Todos tienen su propia elección de hacer lo que creen que es mejor para ellos y su familia..

Rubio slams Biden admin’s ‘major failureof initially tying of Cuban protests to rising COVID cases

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En un comunicado proporcionado a Fox News, Rubio said more than 60 years of "socialist dictatorship and oppression, as well as extraordinary courage from the Cuban people, have led to this historic moment." His message wa...

US intel chief says spy agencies still do not know ‘where, cuando, or howCOVID-19 was initially transmitted

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Washington US intelligence agencies still do not know "exactly where, cuando, or how Covid-19 virus was transmitted initially" in China but remain focused on two primary theories, que "it emerged naturally from human ...

White House and Detroit officials seek to limit fallout after mayor initially declines Johnson & Vacuna Johnson

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White House and Detroit officials tried to limit fallout after Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan initially declined to accept a distribution of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The move is at odds with federal health...

South Dakota attorney general involved in fatal car crash initially reported he hit a deer

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South Dakota's attorney general struck and killed a man while driving on Saturday night, a death that was discovered after he initially told police he had hit a deer, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety sai...