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Biden to announce voluntary 3D printing initiative during trip to Ohio

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President Joe Biden will announce the launch of a new voluntary initiative to boost the use of 3D printing in domestic supply chains during his trip to Ohio on Friday, according to two senior administration official...

Sean Hannity rips Obama’s initiative on misinformation

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SEAN HANNITY: Obama is now on a mission to combat, él dice, 'misinformation and disinformation,' and this network has the largest reach of any other outlet. Asi que, I'm sure that our viewers would love to hear his take o...

White House will unveil new data-sharing initiative with companies to address supply chain crunch

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The Biden White House, trying to expand its limited supply of inflation-fighting tools, will on Tuesday unveil a new one. Apodado "Freight Logistics Optimization Works," or FLOW, the effort joins administration offic...

Justice Department ends Trump-era China Initiative following bias concerns

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The Justice Department is ending its three-year-old China Initiative, a national security program intended to thwart China's intelligence activities in the US, including those aimed at stealing emerging technology f...

Kyle Rittenhouse launching initiative to combat ‘liesfrom powerful media outlets, names those he may sue

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"Me and my team have decided to launch The Media Accountability Project as a tool to help fundraise and hold the media accountable for the lies they said and deal with them in court," Rittenhouse said on Monday's "Tu...

Como procurador general adjunto de EE. UU. de 35 años’

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Como procurador general adjunto de EE. UU. de 35 años 2016 Como procurador general adjunto de EE. UU. de 35 años. Como procurador general adjunto de EE. UU. de 35 años.

COVID-19 detecting K-9s part of new initiative to sniff out the virus and prevent outbreaks

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"Huntah" y "Duque," 14-month-old Labrador Retrievers, work weekly across 15 school facilities in Bristol County, Massachusetts, searching and sniffing for the odor that COVID-19 leaves behind. Bristol County’s Sheri...

Justice Department pressured to end China Initiative aimed at targeting espionage

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Protesters stood outside the Department of Justice this week, begging for an end to the 3-year-old program. "Stop the China Initiative as we know it. Catch the spies, not the Chinese American scientists," Haipei Sh...

New Jersey House candidate gives back to police officers with ‘Heros for Heroes’ initiative

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Prempeh started an initiative called "Heros for Heroes" where he personally delivered meals to all the police officers within his home district, and the district he is running for office in, NJ-9. "What inspired me ...

Profesores de Stanford denuncian la iniciativa del Departamento de Justicia de China, buscar el fin de la investigación de los investigadores chinos por amenazas de espías

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los 177 Los miembros de la facultad de la Universidad de Stanford firmaron el Sept. 8 carta al Fiscal General Merrick Garland detallando cómo el programa, que fue creado bajo el ex presidente Trump que investiga investigadores en el ...

California judge rules gig worker initiative utilized by Uber and Lyft is unconstitutional

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Washington A California judge ruled Friday that the costly and controversial 2020 ballot measure exempting firms like Uber and Lyft from having to classify their gig workers in the state as employees rather than as i...

Mastercard Foundation and Africa CDC announce $1.3 billion vaccine initiative

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The Mastercard Foundation and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) will deploy $ 1.3 billion over the next three years as part of a new initiative to acquire and deliver vaccines across the c...

Democratic operatives launch initiative focused on progressive campaigns ahead of 2022

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Washington, DC A team of Democratic operatives is launching an initiative to bolster progressive campaigns ahead of the 2022 elecciones intermedias. Blue State Campaigns, an offshoot of Blue State -- the digital consulti...

Chicharito thrilled with hot start, youth soccer initiative

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Chicharito’s rebound from a rough MLS debut season is going splendidly, and now the Mexican superstar is sharing his good fortune by joining an initiative to fund soccer development in underserved U.S. comunidades, I...

Brad Paisley launches initiative encouraging fans to get vaccinated

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"Bien, sabes, we've got some great plans for this summer, and Nashville we're actually playing the Fourth of July which is going to be a really sort of amazing Welcome Back Nashville on the Fourth," él dijo. "I've...

House Republicans introduce climate initiative as Dems continue Green New Deal push

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McCarthy's Energy Innovation Agenda comes as House Democrats on Tuesday reintroduced the progressive plan to fight climate change in the U.S.: the Green New Deal, Dillon le dijo a Fox News Digital 103 House cosponsors, along with separate b...

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