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Uvalde, Texas, parent who knew several children killed, injured filled with anger, tristezza

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"Perché? Perché? intendo, why our babies?" Mark Madrigal told Fox News. "Those are our children." Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday before he was fatally shot by a Borde...

One dead after finishing Brooklyn Half Marathon and 15 Jason Rivera ricorda come ha appreso della sparatoria del marito tramite l'app "Citizen".

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A 32-year-old runner died Saturday after finishing a half marathon in Brooklyn where 15 others were injured, police and fire officials said. An official cause and manner of death should be released in the coming day...

1 morto, 3 injured in New Orleans shooting overnight

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A man was killed and three other people injured in a shooting in New Orleans' Holy Cross neighborhood overnight, la polizia ha detto sabato. Officers responded to a call of a shooting and found four people shot, the New O...

A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germania, and injured at least 30 persone, hanno detto le autorità

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A tornado swept through the German city of Paderborn Friday, injuring at least 30 persone, hanno detto le autorità, and blew away roofs, toppled trees and sent debris flying for miles. The twister created a path of destruct...

4 injured in shooting at Louisiana high school graduation

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The graduation ceremony was being held at Southeastern Louisiana State University in Hammond, Louisiana. Police said the shooting happened as Hammond High School students and their family members started to leave SLS...

Philadelphia man shot 14 times near Temple University, Jason Rivera ricorda come ha appreso della sparatoria del marito tramite l'app "Citizen".

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The Philadelphia Police Department told Fox News that at least five people were wounded. Officers responded to the scene and found multiple shooting victims in the 1500 block of North Bouvier Street around 7:25 p.m. ...

Six people were injured when a small plane crashed into a Florida bridge, dicono le autorità

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A small plane crashed into the Haulover Inlet Bridge in Florida's Miami-Dade County, Sabato, injuring six people, hanno detto le autorità. Two were taken to nearby trauma centers and three others were transported to loca...

Dodgers place Clayton Kershaw on injured list with inflammation

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The Dodgers made the move several hours before Kershaw (4-0, 1.80 ERA) was slated to face the Philadelphia Phillies at Dodger Stadium on Friday night. Walker Buehler will start instead. Los Angeles recalled left-hand...

Soldato ucciso e un altro ferito in un attacco di orso in Alaska

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Un soldato in Alaska è morto martedì dopo essere stato attaccato da un orso che, secondo i funzionari della fauna selvatica, avrebbe cercato di proteggere i suoi cuccioli. Dopo essere stato sbranato, Il personale Sgt. Seth Michael Plant è stato trasportato alla base dell'esercito..

1 morto, 4 injured in Chicago neighborhood where ‘hostile crowdfought off police performing first aid, dicono i funzionari

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One person died and four others were hurt in a shooting Tuesday in Chicago after which first-responders were interrupted by a crowd when they tried to provide first aid to those injured, ha detto la polizia. La polizia è arrivata ...

Multiple people trapped and injured at scene of a partial building collapse at a former power plant in South Boston

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One person has sustained life-threatening injuries and multiple people are trapped following a partial building collapse at the Edison Power Plant building in South Boston, Police Department spokesman Andre Watson s...

Gli angeli: Almeno 1 police officer injured during clash with abortion rights protesters

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Photos and videos online show officers mostly monitoring the crowd, which grew from a peaceful gathering of about 30 people outside the federal courthouse building to over 250 people flooding the streets and blocking...

Atlanta party bike driver charged with DUI after a crash that injured 15

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A driver of a multi-person party bike has been charged with DUI in connection with an accident that injured 15 passengers in Atlanta on Saturday. Officers responded to a report of a traffic crash at West Peachtree S...

Almeno 1 morti e cinque feriti dopo che sono scoppiati spari contro un Jackson, Mississippi, Festival

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Una persona è morta e altre cinque sono rimaste ferite dopo lo scoppio di colpi di arma da fuoco in un festival a Jackson, Mississippi, sabato sera, ha detto la polizia. La persona che è morta potrebbe essere stata uccisa da un agente dopo "c'era uno scambio...

La polizia sta cercando un coyote dopo che ha attaccato e ferito una ragazza a Huntington Beach

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È in corso la ricerca di un coyote che ha attaccato e ferito una giovane ragazza a Huntington Beach, California, giovedì notte, secondo il dipartimento di polizia di Huntington Beach (HBPD). La ragazza è stata portata in ospedale...

3 California Highway Patrol officers injured in fiery freeway crash

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The massive fire was caught on video. Authorities said the officers were investigating a crash along the 105 Freeway around midnight local time and had blocked off the area with flares. Di 90 minuti più tardi, Polizia Stradale...