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Federal government to execute inmate who blamed murder victim for using witchcraft on him

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The federal government was set Tuesday to execute an inmate who raped and murdered a 30-year-old nurse in Georgia 19 years ago and blamed the victim for using witchcraft on him. William Emmett LeCroy, 50, was found ...

Federale gevangene tereggestel weens moord op tiener in Texas 1994

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'N Federale gevangene is tereggestel weens ontvoering, 'n Tiener in Texas in lewende lande verkrag en begrawe 1994. Orlando Hall is Donderdagaand in Terre Haute tereggestel, Indiana, nadat die Hooggeregshof 'n versoek om st..

Execution date set for South Carolina inmate but lethal injection drugs not available

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South Carolina is set to execute a man, but it does not have the lethal injection drugs to do so. Now the inmate has to decide whether he wishes to die by electrocution or lethal injection by Friday. Richard Bernard...

Feds voer die 10de doodsgevangene uit 2020

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Washington Alfred Bourgeois is Vrydagaand in die Federal Correctional Centre in Terre Haute deur die federale regering tereggestel, Indiana, volgens die Buro vir Gevangenisse. Bourgeois, 56, is ter dood veroordeel ...

Supreme Court rules Alabama may not execute inmate without his pastor present in the chamber

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The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the execution of an Alabama inmate, Willie B. Smith III, who said he wanted his spiritual adviser present in the execution chamber. Alabama had asked the justices to reverse a l...

Inmate killed by police held corrections officer hostage and took his radio and keys to free other inmates, administrator says

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An inmate in the Oklahoma County Detention Center held a correctional officer hostage, took his radio and keys and released other inmates before being shot and killed by police on Saturday, the facility's administra...

Georgia sheriff’s deputy fatally stabbed by handcuffed inmate; another wounded, sê owerhede

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Deputy Christopher Knight, 30, was working with other deputies to escort a handcuffed inmate on suicide watch to an observation cell at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center in Macon when a fight broke out, the Bibb...

Texas’ longest-serving death row inmate to get new sentence

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A court in Texas has thrown out the death sentence of convicted killer Raymond Riles, who has spent more than 40 years on the state's death row. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled on Wednesday that Riles' dea...