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Reps. Ro Khanna: The US is still far more innovative than the Chinese

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EX-PENTAGON SOFTWARE CHIEF SAYS CHINA BEATING US IN TECH WAR A 'DONE DEAL': 'KINDERGARTEN LEVELS' REP. RO KHANNA: I represent Silicon Valley ... American technology still leads – the Chinese can't compete – but we s...

CNN anchors tout ‘innovativeand ‘interestingCalifornia city’s proposed gun tax

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El lunes, CNN hosts John Avlon and Laura Jarrett discussed the San Jose's city council's decision to impose a new yearly tax on gun owners. This proposition, which was voted on unanimously, will require gun owners ...

Innovative 10-year-old creates ‘stick libraryfor local dogs

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For many families, trying to find fun activities during quarantine has been challenging. One Canadian father found the perfect project for his son to work on that will keep the neighborhood dogs entertained, también. Da...