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Amid Michigan coronavirus case spike, Whitmer urges suspension of in-person high school classes

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The state is the national leader in the number of cases of COVID-19 by population despite increasing vaccinations. "We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks to bring down rising cases, and that is why ...

Minder as 40% of fourth-graders are attending full in-person school, and less than 30% of eighth-graders, new data shows

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The nation's school districts are making strides in their efforts to reopen, but new data shows that many more students are still learning fully remotely than fully in-person. Net 39% of fourth-graders are attendin...

Queen leaves castle for first in-person engagement this year as debate over abolishing the monarchy reignites in Australia

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A version of this story appeared in the April 2 edition of CNN's Royal News, a new weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what's happening behind palace w...

Hoërskole in New York sal in Maart weer oopmaak vir persoonlike leer 22

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Die openbare hoërskole in New York sal weer in Maart oopgemaak word vir persoonlike leer 22 het die departement van onderwys in die stad Maandag gesê, die finale groep van die grootste skooldistrik in die land wat terug verwelkom is in ...

Chicago public school teachers back tentative deal to return to in-person learning, vakbond sê

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Members of the Chicago Teachers Union have voted to return to in-person learning, according to a news release from the union. The CTU backed the tentative agreement after weeks of tense negotiations with Chicago Pu...

San Francisco school district and unions reach tentative deal on reopening for in-person learning

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Unions representing San Francisco Unified School District employees on Sunday announced they have reached a tentative agreement with the district to reopen schools for in-person learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic. ...

Meer as 100 studente en personeel in die provinsie San Diego in kwarantyn geplaas 2 dae nadat die persoon se leer weer hervat is

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Twee dae nadat amptenare studente by die kampusonderrig verwelkom het, oor 100 studente en personeel in 'n San Diego County-distrik is beveel om in kwarantyn te kom weens Covid-19-infeksies ...

Chicago beveel sommige onderwysers om volgende week persoonlike lesse te hervat, opstel van kragmeting met vakbond

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Chicago is moontlik nader aan 'n onderwyserstaking nadat Chicago Public Schools opdrag gegee het dat sommige onderwysers Maandag persoonlik weer moet werk. Burgemeester Lori Lightfoot en Chicago Public Schools het gesê dat hulle hul "laaste, beste, en f ...

'N Toename in studente-selfmoorde het die vyfde grootste Amerikaanse skooldistrik aangespoor om die terugkeer na persoonlik leer te bespoedig

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Die vyfde grootste distrik in die Verenigde State bespoedig sy plan om studente terug te bring vir persoonlik leer na 'n toename in studente-selfmoorde. Clark County School District in Nevada, wat meer as het 326,0...

McConnell suspends in-person lunches for GOP senators

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is suspending in-person lunches for GOP senators, according to his press secretary Doug Andres, ahead of the Senate's return next week. Democrats suspended their in-person lun...

House Republicans receive DC Covid-19 restriction waiver to hold in-person leadership elections

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Washington, DC, officials said Monday that House Republicans had received a waiver to hold a large meeting at a local hotel later this week in order to administer their leadership position elections in person. While...

Nuwe gevalle van Covid-19 in NFL vir Packers en Ravens, terwyl Bruines persoonlike aktiwiteite onderbreek

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Die NFL rapporteer nuwe Covid-19-infeksies, met twee spanne wat na die liga se intensiewe protokol beweeg. Die Green Bay Packers en Baltimore Ravens het albei bevestig dat een speler in elke span positief getoets het..

In-person college classes can work when implemented correctly

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Before I can head to campus, I have to answer two questions every day. "Are you experiencing new or worsening onset of any of the following: fever, cough, kort van asem?" "Geen," I select. "Are you experiencin...

Biden will get tested more frequently and continue in-person campaigning

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Joe Biden will be tested more frequently for Covid-19 and intends to move forward with in-person campaigning, following news of President Donald Trump and several individuals in his orbit testing positive, sources t...

Biden campaign begins in-person canvassing in swing states

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Joe Biden's campaign is launching an in-person canvassing effort in swing states after months of avoiding face-to-face outreach to potential voters amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratic nominee's decision t...

2 NFL teams are suspending in-person activities in first Covid-19 disruption of the season

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Three Tennessee Titans players have tested positive for Covid-19, forcing that NFL team and the Minnesota Vikings, who played the Titans on Sunday, to suspend in-person activities. The Titans tests came back Tuesday...

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