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La policía inicia una investigación por asesinato después de que una niña de 12 años fuera asesinada en un asalto en el centro de la ciudad de Liverpool

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Policía de Londres en Liverpool, noroeste de Inglaterra, han iniciado una investigación por asesinato después de que una niña de 12 años fuera asesinada en un asalto en el centro de la ciudad el jueves por la noche. La policía de Merseyside dijo que la niña, nombrada como Ava White ...

Miembros de rango republicano de la Cámara de Representantes inician una investigación sobre la redada del FBI al Proyecto Veritas

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Jordán, Comer y Johnson, quiénes son los miembros de mayor rango del Comité Judicial de la Cámara, el Comité de Supervisión de la Cámara y el Subcomité Permanente de Investigaciones del Senado, respectivamente, También sugirió en su archivo..

Alexander Schallenberg sworn in as Austria chancellor after Sebastian Kurz quits amid corruption inquiry

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Alexander Schallenberg was named Austria's new chancellor on Monday after his predecessor, Sebastian Kurz, resigned abruptly amid a corruption scandal. Former foreign minister Schallenberg was sworn in by President ...

House Republicans submit resolution of inquiry seeking answers from Biden administration over border crisis

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The resolution requests that the administration, through the president, submit documents and communications related to the administration’s handling of the border, and comes after complaints by Republicans that the D...

Malta’s government must bear responsibility for journalist’s assassination, inquiry finds

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Malta's government must bear responsibility for creating an "atmosphere of impunity" that contributed to the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, an independent inquiry has found. Caruana Galizia, a leading ...

Partisan squabbling slows January 6 inquiry progress

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More than six months have passed since the January 6 insurrección, yet Republicans and Democrats' ongoing haggling has only further hampered progress on one of Congress' important investigations. After GOP Leader Ke...

Sarah Palin says it’s ‘sad that it’s taken so long’ after inquiry into Princess Diana’s 1995 BBC interview

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"I just think it’s sad that it’s taken so long for Princess Di’s memory to be touched by some justice," Palin said in a statement to Fox News. "The press doesn’t understand that their unethical ways and means of cov...

Bolsonaro was ‘warnedabout the consequences of ignoring science, inquiry hears

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Por meses, critics of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have been calling for an investigation into his handling of the country's devastating Covid-19 crisis. El martes, it finally began. The parliamentary inqu...

English FA opens inquiry to assess Super League sanctions

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The Premier League also disclosed Monday that it had prepared measures to stop teams playing in closed competitions. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham launched an ill-fated...

‘Pervasive racismleft thousands of Black and Asian war dead uncommemorated, UK inquiry finds

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London Hundreds of thousands of Black and Asian military personnel who died fighting for the British empire during World War I were not formally commemorated like their White counterparts due to decisions underpinned...

CDC inquiry sought on HIV outbreak in West Virginia’s largest county

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The West Virginia Democrat asked for the inquiry on behalf of the Kanawha County Commission two months after a CDC official warned that the county's outbreak was " the most concerning in the United States." Commissio...

Investigación de corrupción en Sudáfrica quiere que Zuma sea encarcelado por dos años después de no presentarse

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Una investigación sudafricana sobre la corrupción durante el tiempo de Jacob Zuma en el poder busca el encarcelamiento del expresidente por dos años., después de que desafió una citación y una orden judicial para comparecer y testificar. En una ap ...

New Zealand inquiry finds quarter of a million abused in state and faith-based care

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Up to a quarter of a million children, young people and vulnerable adults were abused in New Zealand's faith-based and state care institutions in the past several decades, a public inquiry revealed on Wednesday. An i...