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Sy. Lindsey Graham blasts Democrats court-packing plan; says Biden has created ‘instability

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SY. LINDSEY GRAHAM: [Die Hooggeregshof] is conservative and they want it to be liberal. There’s nothing broken about the Supreme Court. There are nine justices, it’s been that way since 1869, ek dink. They want to t...

A crucial ocean circulation is showing signs of instability. Its shutdown would have serious impacts on our weather.

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A crucial system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean that helps control temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere and has implications for the entire planet's weather systems is showing signs of instability due to human...

Surrounded by missiles, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un blames US for regional instability

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North Korea's weapons are needed to defend the country against a "hostile" Verenigde State, said leader Kim Jong Un, state media KCNA reported Tuesday. Kim made the comments as he stood against a backdrop of missiles ...