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Ariana Grande announces new album and then teases fans with cryptic Instagram video

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Ariana Grande fans hoping for a new album got their wish. The pop star announced on Twitter last week that she's dropping her sixth studio release. "I can't wait to give u my album this month," ha twittato. She didn...

Jenna Dewan celebra il suo 'piccolo angelo bambino’ in un omaggio a Instagram di compleanno

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Jenna Dewan ha festeggiato il primo compleanno del suo bambino in un post Instagram commovente, dove ha detto che suo figlio ha portato con sé "gioia pura." "Callum, sei venuto in questo mondo e l'hai cambiato nell'istante in cui sei stato qui,...

Travis Scott cancella Instagram dopo essere stato trollato per il costume di Halloween

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Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account after posting a picture of himself dressed as Batman for Halloween. La reazione dei fan al costume non è stata buona, with many trolling him for looking like a bug instead of...

Jessica Simpson celebrates daughter’s birthday with heartfelt post on Instagram

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Jessica Simpson celebrated her daughter's second birthday with doughnuts and a tender Instagram post. The singer and designer, e suo marito, former NFL player Eric Johnson, rang in Birdie Mae's birthday with the...

Rupert Grint joined Instagram to intro his new baby

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A special little someone has Rupert Grint on Instagram now. Il "Harry Potter" star joined Instagram on Monday and promptly introduced his new daughter. "Hey Instagram....only 10 years late, but here I am. Grint on ...

Reese Witherspoon takes to Instagram to celebrate her ‘sweet hubby’ di 10 anni

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Reese Witherspoon celebrated a decade of wedded bliss with her husband, Jim Toth, in a heartfelt post on Instagram this week. "Celebrating 10 years of marriage to my sweet hubby," the Oscar-winning actress wrote ben...

Kelly Stafford, moglie di Detroit Lions QB, chiede scuse dopo aver definito il Michigan una "dittatura"’ su Instagram inveisce sulle restrizioni del Covid-19

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Kelly Stafford, moglie del quarterback di lunga data dei Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford, si è scusato giovedì dopo aver chiamato il Michigan a "dittatura" in risposta alla notizia delle nuove restrizioni del Covid-19 dello stato. "dovrebbe neve ...

Rachel Bilson was ‘super bummedthat Rami Malek made her take down a photo of them both from Instagram

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Rachel Bilson had what she thought was a cool throwback photo of her and Rami Malek, but according to her, Malek didn't think so. It turns out they went to high school together, and according to "The O.C." stella, wer...

Vatican asks Instagram to get to the bottom of Pope account’s lingerie model ‘like

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The Vatican is seeking an explanation from Instagram, after the official account of Pope Francis liked a photograph of a lingerie-clad Brazilian model. A photograph of model Natalia Garibotto, who was dressed in sc...

John Travolta marks daughter Ella’s first birthday without mom Kelly Preston with heartfelt Instagram post

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The 67-year-old actor took to Instagram over the weekend to share a snap of Ella, to celebrate her turning 21. "Happy 21st birthday to the most beautiful, genere, human being and artist I know. Your dad adores you!," ...

David Attenborough ha lasciato Instagram, poche settimane dopo l'adesione

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David Attenborough è uscito da Instagram, dopo aver guadagnato 6.2 milioni di follower durante un breve periodo sulla piattaforma. Il 94enne naturalista e conduttore televisivo si è unito a Instagram a settembre 24 e ha fatto il suo ultimo p ...

Kate Hudson playfully mocks photo filters in Instagram post: ‘Just let me live’

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Il "Almost Famous" actress and fashionista, 41, took to the ‘Gram and shared a video of herself testing out one of the new filters that has become part of the allure of social media – only this one enlarges a person...

L'influencer di Instagram Alexis Sharkey è stata trovata morta vicino a un'autostrada di Houston, dice la polizia

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Alexis Robinault, un influencer di Instagram di 26 anni con oltre 30,000 seguaci, è stato trovato morto al largo di una interstatale di Houston la scorsa settimana, ha detto la polizia. Il corpo di Robinault è stato ritrovato sabato mattina in un tratto di strada al n..

Instagram fixes function that promoted harmful diet terms to users with eating disorders

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The app’s new function provides suggested topics when users tap on the search bar. Those suggestions cover a variety of topics including "healing sounds," "home office" o "oil painting." tuttavia, Instagram -- quale ...

Christina Anstead is back to her maiden name on Instagram amid divorce

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Nuovo anno, the old you. That's the case for Christina Anstead, who has changed her name amid her divorce from Ant Anstead. She will now go by her maiden name, Christina Haack, according to her Instagram bio. Haack,...