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Kevin McCarthy: Dems could have condemned Maxine Waters’ retoriek, but instead they condoned it

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KEVIN MCCARTHY: Wel, every Democrat and Speaker Pelosi had the opportunity to condemn this violent rhetoric. In plaas daarvan, they condoned it, which only makes the House of Representatives and the Justice Department weaker...

When a woman stole his dog, this man didn’t press charges. In plaas daarvan, he’s paying for her drug rehab

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Drug addiction sabotaged Brayden Morton for five years. During that span, he attempted to get clean of fentanyl 16 times before he was successful. So, when he found the person who stole his beloved dog, Darla, and d...

A police officer paid for a family’s Christmas groceries instead of charging two women with shoplifting

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A Massachusetts police officer used his own money to buy Christmas dinner for a family in need instead of charging two women with shoplifting. Somerset Police Officer Matt Lima was called to a Stop & Shop grocer...

Parent of high school student says students are being turned into ‘activistinstead of being taught to think

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"This is a tragedy of ideology called critical race theory. We need to challenge any kind of racism and discrimination that exists in our country. We all agree on that. What happened to this ideology is creating a ne...

Handball team forced to wear bikini bottoms instead of boy shorts

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At the European Championships in beach handball, the game attire has landed in the spotlight with specific rules for how the women should be dressed, according to the sport’s regulations. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT C ...

Indian children hospitalized after ingesting hand sanitizer instead of polio drops

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Nieu-Delhi, India At least 12 children have been hospitalized after they were administered hand sanitizer drops instead of oral polio vaccine drops in India's state of Maharashtra. The incident occurred Sunday at a pr...

White House rebrands Kamala Harris’ husband ‘Douglas’ instead of ‘Doug’

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The White House changed the name of Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband from "Doug" aan "Douglas" Emhoff in an apparent attempt to rebrand him as a more serious guy, volgens 'n verslag. The 56-year-old lawyer — ...

Tomi Lahren on Ben & Jerry’s decision to nix West Bank sales: I wish companies sold products instead of virtue

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TOMI LAHREN: I got to tell you guys, I have long since abandoned hope that leftist companies were going to stand up for my moral values and my moral compass. I wish we could return to the days where companies sold pr...

This woman used Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray. She ended up in the hospital

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A Louisiana woman has sought medical treatment after mistakenly using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive in place of actual hair spray. Tessica Brown's plight went viral earlier in February after she revealed that her hai...

Groom-to-be offers up bridesmaid instead of money to pay for wedding musician

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A common problem for people working in the wedding industry is people trying to get services for free. Weddings are expensive and many couples would love not to have to pay for a photographer. While it seems to be co...

UNC emails show long debate over tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones, who took job at Howard University instead

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She was initially offered a multi-year position to become the school’s next Knight Chair in Journalism – an endowed position that has previously included tenure. Once that was revealed, public outcry and threats to w...

'N Beampte het stilgehou om te help wat hy gedink het 'n motorfiets was. In plaas daarvan, hy het gehelp om 'n baba te baar

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Dit was 'n Valentynsdag-wonderwerk. 'N Beampte wat Sondag oggend naby die O'Hare Internasionale Lughawe in Chicago gestop het om te help wat hy gedink het 'n vasgevang motoris was, het vinnig agtergekom die passasier van die voertuig was aktief..

Die vrou sê sy het kêrel betrap toe hy per ongeluk 'n video in plaas van 'n foto gestuur het

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A woman recently shared a story to her social media followers saying that she had caught her boyfriend cheating. Volgens haar, an unfortunately timed photo he sent her revealed that he was spending time in a hote...

Seth David Radwell: Politicians have stopped solving problems, they argue instead

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Radwell, author of the recent book "American Schism: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation" said he was fortunate to have a thriving career in business, but he noticed in recent years many ...

Customs agents in Cincinnati seized 44 pounds of corn flakes covered in cocaine instead of sugar

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US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) seized a shipment of cereal from South America that was covered in cocaine instead of sugar. CBP officers in Cincinnati, Ohio, intercepted the package on February 13 containing ab...

Professor says students no longer taught civics, instead indoctrinated into anti-American globalist theory

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Suffolk County College Professor Nicholas Giordano joined Fox Nation's "Tucker Carlson Vandag" to warn that students are not learning even the basics of American law, the Constitution or even the correct story of the ...

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