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Chicago Teachers Union says coronavirus delta variant opens door to potentially ‘pause in-person instruction

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In a Wednesday letter addressed to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Public School officials, and members of the school board, CTU said "new pandemic variants pose immediate threats to the health of all Chicagoans, but e...

Charlie Kirk: Orwell’s ‘1984‘is the instruction manualfor the left; they’re ‘criminalizing speech

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CHARLIE KIRK: Why don't they just call it the Ministry of Truth and just get it over with. It's as if ‘1984’ is just the instruction manual at this point. This goes to a Noam Chomsky quote -- I obviously agree with h...

Idaho moves to ban critical race theory instruction in all public schools, including universities

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As some public school districts move toward embracing critical race theory in their curriculums, otros -- like in Idaho -- are doing the opposite. Idaho lawmakers have advanced a bill that would prohibit public sch...

Reps. Waltz slams West Point ‘White rageinstruction: Enemy’s ammo ‘doesn’t care about race, política’

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Waltz reacted Thursday on "Tucker Carlson esta noche" after host Tucker Carlson reported under Superintendent Darryl Williams, cadets at the Hudson Valley military institution are mandated to go through controversial tr...

Mientras un distrito escolar de Virginia se prepara para reabrir, los educadores y las familias equilibran las precauciones de Covid y la instrucción normal

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Rose Moore se para frente a un salón de clases., capacitar a un maestro sobre tecnología y seguridad para el aprendizaje en persona. Es la 44a vez que el subdirector de Holmes Middle School en el condado de Fairfax, Virginia, tiene d ...