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El candidato republicano al Senado, Sam Brown, promete desafiar a las grandes tecnologías, llama a la teoría crítica de la raza un "insulto’ a América

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"Decidí postularme para EE. UU.. Senado porque el pueblo estadounidense necesita un campeón que lo dirija y lo sirva basado en valores compartidos.," Brown le dijo a Fox News durante una entrevista telefónica.. "Hemos tenido una clase política que ...

Mitch McConnell responds to Trump’s ‘Old Crowinsult: ‘It’s quite an honor

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Former President Donald Trump took a whack at Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell last weekend, calling him an "Old Crow" as he railed against the Kentucky Republican. El martes, McConnell took it in stride. "Actuall...

China mourns a beloved scientist who saved millions from hungerand detains those who insult him

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Hong Kong As people across China this weekend mourned Yuan Longping, a symbol of China's scientific prowess and national hero, even the slightest voice of discord was too much for the Chinese government. Yuan, who cu...

A proposed Kentucky bill would make it a crime to insult or taunt a police officer

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Kentucky state lawmakers have advanced a bill that would make it a crime to insult or taunt a law enforcement officer in a way that could provoke a violent response. It's one of several provisions included in a larg...

The new slang teens use to insult boys who are ‘too niceto girls

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Shannon was used to her socially awkward son being bullied by other boys at the private school he attends in Atlanta. But when she picked him up from school in mid-January and her eighth grader told her he was bein...

She lost her dad and uncle to coronavirus. Trump’s claim that the virus is exaggerated is an insult, ella dice

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Most New Year's Days, Rosa Cerna would be celebrating the birthdays of her dad and uncle -- brothers born exactly one year apart. Este año, she mourned them both at a cemetery in Simi Valley, California. Visiting ...

Por qué, exactamente, does Donald Trump think electing Kamala Harris would be an ‘insult to our country?’

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On Tuesday night, in the early moments of a campaign rally in Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte, President Donald Trump made one of his characteristic asides -- this one focused on California senator and Democratic vice...