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Ron DeSantis on ‘Hannity’: Biden admin’s catch-and-release border policy ‘intentional

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FLORIDA SUES BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OVER CATCH-AND-RELEASE POLICY, ALLEGING VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW RON DESANTIS: We have people from over 100 hundred nationalities that are making their way to Mexico, making their wa...

Concha on White House cutting Biden’s live feed mid-sentence: ‘Appears intentionaland it looks weak

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WHITE HOUSE ABRUPTLY CUTS FEED OF BIDEN MID-SENTENCE AS HE ASKS QUESTION AT WILDFIRES BRIEFING JOE CONCHA: If this was a one-off with the president it would be a nothing to see here situation because technical proble...

Los Angeles-area vaccine worker struck in hit-and-run; may have been intentional, amptenare sê

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Witnesses told investigators a driver ran into signs at a clinic in Santa Clarita, north of Downtown Los Angeles, rondom 4:30 nm. Saterdag, FOX Los Angeles reported. After hitting the signs, the driver turned aroun...

Die opsetlike wangedrag van transgender-ouetehuisinwoners in Kalifornië word nie meer verbied nie, hof beslis

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Personeel by verpleeginrigtings in Kalifornië word nie meer verbied om inwoners doelbewus te mislei nie, het 'n distrikshof in Kalifornië vandeesmaand beslis, die verbod wat as deel van 'n 2017 wet was 'n viool ...

Texas house explosion that injured six may have been intentional, ondersoekbeamptes sê

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The Plano Police Department said detectives and city Fire Marshals made the determination amid an ongoing investigation of the Monday blast. According to the Plano Police Department, "after further investigation, Dit...

Balju: 3 die in intentional crash on Oregon coast highway

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Cory Orsenico, 32, of California was reported multiple times for dangerous driving while he drove north before he crossed the highway into the path of a vehicle driven by Dawn Adams, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office ...