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Tom Homan: Biden, Mayorkas should be impeached for ‘intentionally unsecured’ grens

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TUCKER CARLSON: NOT LONG AGO, BIDEN WOULD'VE BEEN IMPEACHED FOR HIS BORDER POLICIES TOM HOMAN: We got the first president in the history of this nation that came into office and within days intentionally unsecured th...

Jesy Nelson addresses ‘blackfishing’ beskuldigings: ‘I would never do anything intentionally

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The 30-year-old singer, who was previously a part of Little Mix, came under fire after social media users claimed Nelson had tanned her skin to appear darker in an attempt to be seen as biracial in the music video fo...

Mark Levin demands reticent GOP craft Biden impeachment: A ‘cowardwho intentionally hurts his own people

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Levin, gasheer van "Lewe, Vryheid & Levin", vertel "Hannity" that Biden's culpability in several critical American crises remains so whether or not his actions are "by design… or the fact he's dim-witted." "Joe Biden i...

Larry Elder beweer CA se staatsekretaris Weber 'gerig’ hom; het hom doelbewus van die stemming van die Gov-ras laat vaar

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Ouderling vertel "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" dat hy Weber dagvaar, 'n demokraat, nadat sy naam opvallend afwesig was van 'n lys van 41 verklaar kandidate wat aan 'n komende verkiesing gaan deelneem, moet Demokratiese goewerneur. Gav ...

Maryland man accused of intentionally crashing into police station after trying to run over officers

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A Maryland man is facing two counts of attempted murder and other charges after allegedly trying to run over police officers and driving his vehicle through the front doors of the station lobby Sunday night, ooreenkomste ...

Brett Favre finds it ‘hard to believethat Derek Chauvin intentionally killed George Floyd

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Fast-forward to Wednesday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback reacted to ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty on all three charges in the May 2020 death of George Floyd. KLIK HIER VO ...

BYU-Idaho warns students against intentionally contracting Covid-19 to sell their plasma

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Officials at Brigham Young University-Idaho are warning students against intentionally contracting Covid-19 in order to sell plasma that contains antibodies. The university in Rexburg said Monday it was "deeply tr...